A Guide To Wearing 2 Watches at the Same Time

    The art of wearing a watch is simple; the most challenging part is owning the timepiece you’re eager to wear. However, today, a dilemma has occurred for people wearing traditional timepieces alongside smartwatches such as a Fitbit or an Apple Watch. Now, you’ll want to stay stylish and keep up-to-date on your health and fitness — completely understandable.

    So, how do you wear two watches at the same time? Here is our guide.

    No extra jewellery on your wrists

    Wearing a second watch acts essentially as a bracelet. So, we wouldn’t recommend putting on extra bracelets on your wrist. Keep it tidy and also comfy. Watches can be complicated to wear in particular weather or work conditions as is, so don’t overdo it.

    If you do feel the need for more accessories, wear a stylish ring or a necklace.

    Keep it eye-pleasing

    While two watches can feel baller, ensure they look appealing to the eye. Feel free to match straps or even have a contrast between the two wrists. There is nothing worse than a clashing outfit. Worst comes to worst, leave one of the watches at home. Hopefully, it will be the smart one.

    Make sure they wear comfy

    If you’re wearing two watches, things like office work, driving, and arduous labour duties can be more challenging or less comfy than usual. To avoid daily hassle, you can do these things.

    • Change the watches into calf leather or a NATO strap.
    • Take them off during work
    • Wear a single watch

    Be aware of scratching

    While scratching can occur with a single watch, the odds increase with two watches on two wrists. Wearing a watch is a fun and empowering exercise, yet scratching your watch or the material it touches, such as your work laptop, oak table, or living room furniture, can be daunting. 

    Constantly adjust your movements if you feel it can cause any damage to your watch or the surface it touches.

    TIP: Don’t wear your watch near a laptop; it can magnetize it even though it may be unlikely, and it will most certainly scratch it if you lean your wrists against it.

    Woman using smartwatch

    Don’t wear both on the same hand

    Wearing two watches is seen as silly by some, but even worse when they are worn on the same hand. Firstly, it won’t be comfy, and secondly, it will make you look silly when you reach to see both watches. It will never look stylish, and someone will make a comment; it’s like wearing sunglasses inside. If you’re not Anna Wintour, don’t do it.

    Final Thoughts

    As mentioned above, wearing two watches can be challenging, so take precautions. Don’t be afraid to change your metal bracelets to calf leather, rubber, or nato straps. These small changes will make a world of difference look-wise but, most importantly, for your comfort. Many watch brands offer excellent options when selecting a style, so don’t be shy and explore your taste in watches.

    Modestas Mankus
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