What Is GTA V RP? Playing Tips & Who To Watch

    GTA V RP is the multiplayer mod for the PC version of GTA (Grand Theft Auto) V. It lets the players live a unique life of their own choice in Los Santos. It greatly affects how the players and NPCs (non-player characters) behave, making it different from the standard Grand Theft Auto (GTA) online mode.

    Though GTA v RP was launched long ago, if you are starting it now and want to know every detail, we are here to assist you. Continue to read and get to know all you are looking for. Plus, here we also have some helpful playing tips for you. So, what are you waiting for?

    What Is GTA V RP?

    GTA is the abbreviation of Grand Theft Auto, and RP stands for roleplay. Here, GTA V RP is the latest game of the present time. In this game, the players create their characters and can become a personality of their choice. It is the same way actors choose a role or character for themselves.

    Later, The characters can interact with other characters and create different stories. Remember that these stories can be short or long-lasting for months or years. The storylines also vary in tone, as they can be humorous or serious.

    It may surprise you, but it is true that, like many other video games, there is no real goal in GTA V RP that you have to achieve, or you will not reach an endpoint. You play your role in the game. Therefore, you will notice that every character has an agenda and reason for doing whatever.

    Though good role players will create amazing characters, the viewers can also interact with the streamers. It allows them to be involved in the community and invest in their favorite characters.

    GTA V RP Playing Tips

    Starting GTA V RP can be overwhelming, especially for beginners. We have some tips to follow to become a GTA V RP pro. So, let’s look over them:

    1. When you play GTA V RP, familiarize yourself with key bindings to help you become a successful player. So, if you are playing on PC, press Esc > Settings > Key Bindings to get a list.

    Looking over this list, you can easily learn how to make basic movements such as jumping, walking, and crouching. Besides that, you can also learn how to enter a vehicle, pick up something, or put on your seatbelt.

    1. When it comes to GTA RP, there are certain do’s and don’ts that you need to follow while setting up for the game. It will not only make or break your RP experience, but it will also affect others. Therefore, you should use a good mic and avoid background noise and distractions.
    2. You must have something for self-defense, as you can be robbed or held up at gunpoint. It does not mean you should have a gun; it should be something that can be used for self-defense. Look over the map, check if you can find a gun icon or something like that, and then pick it up.
    3. Learning the lingo is crucial not only because you are new to this game but also because you are new, and it will help you understand the rules. For instance, if someone says, “Take a cough drop,” you will keep moving around all day and sound like a robot whenever you try to speak.
    4. Learn how to share your contact information and add a new one, as it will be embarrassing when someone asks for your number, and you don’t know how to do so. But keep in mind that every server is different. Therefore, find which hotkey will bring out your phone and get familiar with it.
    5. Also, get to know how to call the police. It will be of great help, especially when you are in danger.

    What To Watch Out For In GTA RP?

    Though the GTA roleplay servers are great fun, there are certain things you need to consider. It is a modded community game. Therefore, certain servers try to take advantage of the players. So, avoid the server that pushes the loot boxes, financial incentives, or donations.

    There are several completely free servers. Many of them are better in quality than other pay-2-win ones. The servers will accept the standard donation as it is not cheap to run the servers themselves. But, if any of them pushes or asks for the money, it is not worth your time.

    You need to understand that not all the players follow the rules. So, someone can join the server and can easily start attacking the players or may cause other problems. In that situation, you should use the clipping or recording software to report those players.


    GTA V RP has become one of the most popular games of the present time, where the players take on the personality of a character they are playing. Plus, instead of achieving any specific target, you must act according to a scenario and communicate with others.

    If you are new to GTA V RP, there are certain things you need to learn in advance, like key bindings, how to share your contact information, lingo, and how to call the police. Also, follow the game rules and have something for defense if you want to play like a pro!

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