Watch Spotlight: Geltier Strider (Forest Silver)

    Many new watch brands enter the market daily, providing new angles and exploring the weird and wonderful. One of these brands is Geltier, a relatively new budget-friendly Swedish watchmaker that has embarked on developing watches that celebrate horology. In this Watch Spotlight, we’ll look at their Strider watch.


    Strider is certainly an eye-pleaser and comes in several dial options. For our review, we focused on the sunburst green dial, which comes on the Forest Gold and Forest Silver timepieces. The colour and metallic-esque aesthetic instantly catch the eye, making it an impressionable watch, especially for its budget, but without looking tacky. The dial is housed in a rounded steel and gold-plated case, which is one of the few downfalls of the timepiece but understandable given its price. As we know, genuine gold watches are costly.

    The watch also includes an adjustable leather strap made from genuine leather. It certainly wears comfy and makes the watch feasible for daily wear. Talking about daily wear, you’ll be pleased to know it includes a sapphire crystal, rendering it durable even if you take a few knocks.

    Wearing It

    You don’t have to look far when choosing the right occasion for the Strider. In spite of its classy design, it can be worn with everyday outfits such as sweatshirts and half-zips. Moreover, its 40mm diameter makes it a suitable watch for men and women alike.


    The watch uses a VK64A movement and a bi-compax chronograph calibre by Seiko. It’s an everyday movement found in budget-friendly brands like AVI-8. Here are more details about it.

    Frequency 32,768Hz
    Battery Life ~3 years
    Functions hours; minutes; seconds; 1/5 seconds; 60 minute counter at 9:00; 24 hour indicator at 3:00; date at 6:00
    Hacking Yes
    Quartz Type Tuning fork type quartz crystal

    Final Thoughts

    With a price tag of £146, it’s hard to challenge the reasons not to buy a Geltier Strider. It’s one of those timepieces that makes for a solid entry-level timepiece that aesthetically looks good bang for the buck. We’d like to see Geltier explore more advanced movements in the future, but as a starter watch, this certainly ticks the box.

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