10 Iconic models who defined 60’s Style

    The sixties was the decade when the supermodel was truly born. While there were celebrities and fashion icons in the previous years, things changed dramatically during the decade of free love and self-expression, and it’s no surprise a few fashion icons were leading the way and dictating what was in, what was out, and what was coming up. If you’re looking for sixties-inspired fashion, there’s no better way to learn than from those who pioneered it.


    You cannot discuss sixties supermodels without mentioning Twiggy. The undisputed Queen of Mod, Twiggy, stood out with her unique style, including cropped hair and slick, straight outfits that offered something different from other models of the time. She rose to fame at just 16 and encapsulated what it meant to be a modern icon still renowned today.

    Jean Shrimpton

    Considered by many to be the world’s first supermodel, Jean Shrimpton was the quintessential cover girl who came out of the London scene during the Swinging Sixties. Jean basically had it all, and her multiple cover shoots across a range of fashion magazines gave women of the time the inspiration they needed to try something unique, empowering a generation and liberating styles worldwide.

    Penelope Tree

    Penelope Tree inspired songs and is someone many people associate with vintage trousers, even 60 years after she first rose to fame. Though people knew about her from the high-slit dress, she quickly became one of the most recognisable and alluring supermodels of the time and could always be found around London during the heyday of the sixties.

    Peggy Moffit

    An instantly recognisable supermodel, Peggy Moffit, had a look you could not tear your eyes from. She embraced extreme fashion and loved to make a statement, most evident with her topless monokini bathing suit in 1964. Besides that, her haircut and look-at-me eye makeup were her signature look that women all over loved to replicate to capture some of Peggy’s allure.

    Marisa Berenson

    Marisa Berenson got her break in the sixties when her style and beauty made her one of the highest-paid models at the time. Her allure was enhanced as she became the Queen of the Scene, being a regular fixture at clubs and events that ensured everyone knew who she was.


    Richard Avedon famously called Verushka the most beautiful woman in the world, a big claim in a decade when every supermodel had the right to claim that title. She perfectly encapsulated the sixties vibe with her famously boho look that was easy for women and girls worldwide to replicate. Her influence continued throughout the years, and she walked the runway during the Giles Spring Show in 2011 at age 71.

    Donyale Luna

    The world’s first African cover girl deserves a spot on any iconic, era-defining models list. Donyale is arguably the archetype for the modern supermodel, with her 5’11” frame and captivating eyes. When she walked into a room, people paid attention, and she was one of the many personalities that populated Andy Waerhol’s films, helping her stand out as a true–if tragic–fixture of the industry.

    Pattie Boyd

    Even if you’ve not heard of Pattie Boys, you’ve likely heard of The Beatles’ ”Something” and “Layla” by Eric Clapton, both of which were written for Pattie. Although much of the sixties focused on new styles, Pattie Boyd’s style perfected the blend of classic, feminine looks with the more ambitious and creative styles found all around London during the sixties.

    Linda Keith

    Linda Keith also inspired many of the decade’s most influential rock stars. She dated Keith Richards but was also much more than simply arm-candy. Linda’s work for Vogue during the 60s catapulted her to fame, and she became a crucial part of London’s bohemian collective that championed living your life the way you want to rather than listening to anyone else telling you what to do. If you dress in boho style, you have Linda Keith to thank for that.

    Linda Morand

    Linda Morand will forever be linked to the sixties for several reasons. Her uncanny resemblance to Jackie Kennedy (later Jackie Onassis) helped her establish the quintessential vision of American beauty. Yet she also expanded her influence and quickly became one of the most in-demand models of the time when featured in French haute couture shows to cement her legacy.

    Model Behavior

    These models were famed for their innovation and daring approach to fashion as much as their looks. They are the perfect starting point for anyone who wants to replicate the sixties style and bring it to the forefront. Whether you’re looking for something daring to make a statement or simply want to bask in the subtle elegance of the finest outfits, you should only learn from the very best.

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