The Definitive Guide For a Jewellery Box

    For those who are looking to buy a new jewellery box, either for yourself or someone you love, there are multiple things you’ll need to consider. You can’t just purchase the first one you come across, as it might not be everything you need from a box! You must identify your wants and needs before you start shopping, or you could find yourself back on the search sooner than you would have liked.

    Down below, we’re going to look at a whole range of things you should be considering so that you can make the best purchase. You know what to do if you’re interested in learning more about this.

    Different Sections

    The first thing that you’re going to need to think about is whether or not the box has different sections inside. Most jewellery boxes are cushioned on the inside, with space for dainty clip-on earrings or earrings to keep them safe. This typically consists of a few rows of cushions that you can wedge your earrings in between. Then you want to make sure there is somewhere for your necklaces to go so that they don’t get tangled up because spending an hour untangling them is likely not on your to-do list.

    Some jewellery boxes even have side doors and openings that are designed specifically for different types of jewellery, most often necklaces or bracelets, so that they can hang.

    If you’re someone who likes things to be organised, make sure that you take this into account when conducting your search.

    Big Enough

    It’s also essential to ensure that your jewellery box is big enough for all of your pieces, and if you know that you’re going to get more, then there needs to be space for those pieces, too. It’s no good purchasing a jewellery box that isn’t going to house all of your jewellery. So, you need to think carefully about how much you have to put in here and what size will be the best.

    If you know that a lot of big pieces need to fit into the box or that there are lots of smaller pieces, this will impact which box you get. The type of jewellery that is generally worn will play a massive part in how big the box needs to be.

    Pretty On The Outside

    The outside aesthetic is, of course, massively important. Some people prefer a plain look on the outside to hide what treasures lie within, whereas others want something that looks beautiful inside and out. This will come down to personal preference in the end, so make sure that there is a lot of thought put into this, as it’s something that will be seen every day.

    Think carefully about colour, the design, and whether it’s clunky looking or if it will fit in with the other items in the space. Consider the material that it is made of and how it feels to hold, how that material looks, what other colours it comes in, and so much more.

    When it comes to how it looks, there are a lot of elements you have to get right if you want to find the correct box for you. Try not to settle for something that looks fine, as getting the best is better.

    A Mirror

    The final thought we’ll leave you with is that some jewellery boxes have mirrors! Most of them do these days, so it’s essential to consider the mirror’s size, whether this is important to the purchase or not, and so much more. The mirror allows you to try on pieces and decide how they look without getting up and walking around constantly, making life a little easier. It also allows you to compare two options from the box up close, as the mirrors are typically magnified.

    We hope you have found this article helpful and now have a more solid understanding of what you should look for in a jewellery box. This will be entirely down to personal preference at the end of the day, so you have to go with what you like. Not everyone will enjoy the same boxes, and that’s okay, but the important thing is that you get one you love.

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