Yellowstone Season 6: Latest News, Rumours, Release Date & Cast

    Will there be a Yellowstone Season 6? This is what every Yellowstone fan is wondering about. However, we know that ”End is Nigh” as Season 5 part 2 will end this fantastic series. But there is some hope that we might see a season after Season 5. Now, it might console the sad fans who wish the TV series would never end.

    The undeniable success and reputation of the Yellowstone series have left its fans yearning for season 6 after season 5 ends. But the series was written in a way that it is destined to end after season 5. In this article, you will learn everything about the Yellowstone Season 6 latest news, rumors, and release date.

    Yellowstone Latest News

    You will be amazed to know that most of the cast members were in favor of continuing the series, taking it to season 6. There were also rumors about Paramount planning to continue the series to the next Season and bring back earlier characters.

    However, all those considerations and plans for the Season seem to be fading now. But how? Paramount considered adding a long-forgotten Dutton sibling, played by Cory Asbury, into the next Season. But this news soon went to ashes, as confirmed by a few sources that there are significantly fewer chances of a new season.

    Yellowstone Season 6 Rumors

    You might have heard rumors about spinoffs and sequels after the release of Season 5 part 2 in 2024. After all this news, one thing is sure: either there will be Yellowstone season 6 or just spinoffs. However, the chances for a sixth season are sleek.

    That means there will be spinoffs with totally new characters. However, you may get to see a few from the series. For all the admiration Yellowstone has earned over these years, Paramount can do anything for the fans. But things will get more clarity as we get nearer to the release date of Season 5 part 2 in November 2024.

    Is there a Yellowstone Season 6 Release Date?

    It is ridiculous that fans are expecting a release date for a canceled season. Be realistic, Yellowstone fans; you take the idiom ”hoping against hope” too seriously. Yes, there won’t be a season 6 Yellowstone; forget it. However, once Season 5 Part 2 goes on the air in November this year, we will learn more about the new series, whether it is spinoffs or sequels.

    Yellowstone Season 6 Cast

    Unfortunately, Season 6 won’t be coming, but let’s discuss what is coming. Some of your favorite cast members from the series are expected to return for at least one of the spinoffs. But this is an assumption, and no sources confirm anything about it. Cast members who might return in the spinoffs will be Wes Bentley, Kelsey Asbille, Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly, and Cole Hauser.

    Is there a Yellowstone Season 6 trailer?

    Yellowstone Season 6 won’t happen; therefore, there will be no trailer. However, you must be excited about Season 5 part 2 and waiting for its trailer. Well, we will share it once Paramount releases it online.

    What is Yellowstone 2024?

    Yellowstone 2024 is the spinoff of the original Yellowstone series. It was announced in 2023 and is part of Taylor Sheridan’s expansion of the Yellowstone universe. We will get more details like cast and release date once part 2 of Season 5 goes online.

    Is Yellowstone on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video?

    You can’t watch Yellowstone on Netflix. However, you can purchase it on iTunes, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video and Vudu. A few other platforms, such as YouTube TV, Hulu, and Philo, also offer subscriptions for the famous series.


    Yellowstone has been one of the biggest TV shows in recent years. Fans have got so addicted to the show that they aren’t excited about Season 5 Part 2 as much as they are sad about the fact that there won’t be a Season 6. But you shouldn’t be worried, as Paramount will soon come with a surprise in the form of offspins when the show ends. So, that is all about Yellowstone season 6 latest news, rumors, and release date. I hope the article answers all your questions. If you still have any, leave them below. Cheers!

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