Warp to Release Two Demo Collections by Broadcast

    Broadcast have announced two collections of demos, Spell Blanket and Distant Call, which are billed as the British duo’s final albums. They’re set to arrive later this year on Warp. Spell Blanket, arriving May 3, features demos that Trish Keenan and James Cargill were working on between 2006 and 2009 for what would have been their fifth album. Distant Call, out September 28, comprises demos for songs that appeared on the albums Haha Sound, Tender Buttons, and The Future Crayon. Below, listen to ‘Follow the Light’ from Spell Blanket and ‘Tears in the Typing Pool [Demo]’ from Distant Call.

    Broadcast’s last album, a collaboration with the Focus Group, was released in 2009, two years before Keenan’s sudden death at the age of 42. Distant Call also includes two early demos that Cargill discovered after Keenan’s passing, ‘Come Back to Me’ and ‘Please Call to Book’.

    Spell Blanket – Collected Demos 2006-2009 Cover Artwork:

    Spell Blanket – Collected Demos 2006-2009 Tracklist:

    1. The Song Before The Song Comes Out
    2. March Of The Fleas
    3. Greater Than Joy
    4. Mother Plays Games
    5. My Marble Eye
    6. Roses Red
    7. Hip Bone To Hip Bone
    8. Running Back To Me
    9. I Blink You Blink
    10. Infant Girl
    11. I Run In Dreams
    12. Luminous Image
    13. A Little Light
    14. Hairpin Memories
    15. My Body
    16. Follow The Light
    17. Tunnel View
    18. Where Are You?
    19. Singing Game
    20. I Want To Be Fine
    21. The Games You Play
    22. Grey Grey Skies
    23. Puzzle
    24. The Clock Is On Fire
    25. Petal Alphabet
    26. Tell Table
    27. Fatherly Veil
    28. Dream Power
    29. Heartbeat
    30. Call Sign
    31. Crone Motion
    32. Sleeping Bed
    33. Join In Together
    34. Colour In The Numbers
    35. I Am The Bridge
    36. Spirit House

    Distant Call – Collected Demos 2000-2006 Cover Artwork:

    Distant Call – Collected Demos 2000-2006 Tracklist:

    1. Tears In The Typing Pool [Demo]
    2. Still Feels Like Tears [Demo]
    3. Come Back To Me [Demo]
    4. The Little Bell [Demo]
    5. Distant Call [Demo]
    6. Valerie [Demo]
    7. Colour Me In [Demo]
    8. Ominous Cloud [Demo]
    9. Flame Left From The Sun [Demo]
    10. Where Youth And Laughter Go [Demo]
    11. Poem Of A Dead Song [Demo]
    12. O How I Miss You [Demo]
    13. Pendulum [Demo]
    14. Please Call To Book [Demo]

    Konstantinos Pappis
    Konstantinos Pappis
    Konstantinos Pappis is a writer, journalist, and music editor at Our Culture. His work has also appeared in Pitchfork, GIGsoup, and other publications. He currently lives in Athens, Greece.

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