Bridging Cultures Through Art: Jiawei Fu’s Narrative of Communication and Connection

    In the art world, Jiawei Fu is the bridge that crosses from culture to culture, from emotion to emotion, and from narrative to narrative, creating pieces that give us the ability to travel from one country to another and to find oneself in stories. Taken from her hometown Guangzhou, China and now maturing in Los Angeles, USA, in the works of her as an interior designer and painter, the motifs and vivid colors used resemble a calling to tell stories while building communication.

    Jiawei’s central artistic element is the message that she has learned from her family to always be mindful about communicating which can improve life quality. For her, communication is much more than words; it can be taken as a form of expression which goes beyond words. Her works of art become a way of conveying in a pictorial form the intricacies of human communication and an invitation to the audience for a conversation that goes beyond language. Fu says, Each work there is a real life story behind. They come from people in my life, across my life or outside my life. As an artist/interior designer, storytelling is always the most important part of my creative person because I believe that’s what holds people together.

    The painting of Jiawei is mainly made of egg tempera, which is one of the specific features of this painting technique. This ancient make, also called tempera, is matching pigment with a water-soluble binder like egg yolk. The final work of art can be painted on many different kinds of material such as wood, canvas, or paper, but it will always appear bright and hard. It is in this detail-oriented depiction that the artist’s soul stirs, her brushes sparking creativity with every stroke that carries purpose.

    Within her expansive body of work, two distinct series stand out: “Deceitful Lovers” and “My Yellow is Your Blue”.

    “Deceitful Lovers” the artist goes to the depth of romantic love, giving lies various ways they are used to cause harm within it. Every piece in the series becomes a window into the universe of conspiracy, with the subtle, indicative gestures and the iron-rich colors showing what lies beneath the surface. From various love stories watched by her and understanding the delusion and truths behind them, Jiawei uses love stories in a way that will make viewers come to a point of questioning the perspective of love and true story-line, in her painting series. 

    If there are indeed 100 types of love, it follows that there would be an equal number of lies.

    —– Message of Deceitful Lovers.

    Charging, 24” x 18”, 2021, Acrylic & eggyolk on canvas

    We will always be finding our “soul mate” on
    social media. Loving this finger and that face.
    Since when the idea of “love” becomes such harsh,
    cruel, and commercial? We just merge ourselves
    into the hard shell and become the hard shell.

    While the series titled “My Yellow is Your Blue” is an abstract representation of the serene and pure bond between ours and and their eyes. The subject is revealed via intricate layers of acrylic, plaster and egg yolk. It allows the artist to depict the close ties between people. Each canvas becomes the proof of the importance of empathy and appreciation, as Jiawei succeeds in translating the events of human touch into the language of skyline, emphasizing beauty and delicacy. “Translation” explores the concept that some emotions can be universal and are not limited by language or its cultural barriers. The title itself conveys this, “Translation”, suggests that Jiawei might want to illuminate this idea that emotions can be universally understood.

    Viewing conflicts as opportunities to discover bridges and a sense of belonging in such a relentless era.

    —– Message of My Yellow is Your Blue.

    When it rains, it pours, 8” x 16”, Acrylic/plaster and eggyolk on canvas

    In a space burdened with weight
    Where gravity asserts its sway
    I thirst for the rain and pain

    Her artistic undertakings are not simply restricted to the limits of painting but it touches the interior design as well. Just like her roles serving as an interior designer at companies like Kelly Wearstler and Studio UNLTD, Jiawei is able to stake a statement by telling stories via the spatial environment. The artist does this by creating unique environments through her designs which not only evoke emotion but also start conversations which play a part in bringing people together.

    Jiawei’s achievements not only gained her a reputation in her home city, but also drew the coveted attention of the international audience, culminating in shows in leading cities like New York, Berlin, and Monaco. A number of reputable publishers have used her works including American Art Collector and Vogue China, securing her place as a star in the world of art.

    At its heart, Jiawei Fu’s art, is a story of how language and communication can become a means of reaching across divides and gaining understanding. Her art speaks to the viewer, drawing them in an exciting expedition that triggers curiosity and reflection, leading them to view life anew. In an era that put meetings at a crest of distinctiveness and disagreement, her work acts as a ray of hope reminding us of the universal language that is there to unite us all – the language of art.

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