Underneath it all – why underwear deserves equal attention to outerwear

    You can’t see it when you’re out and about. Others can’t see it. But the items of clothing that you wear underneath your everyday outfits is probably more important, and has an even greater impact on your general mood and wellbeing than anything else you are wearing.

    In the 21st century we are all very fortunate to have been born into an era where comfort is the name of the game. While our ancestors – particularly the female ones – had to struggle through their days strapped into garments that were so restrictive that many women had trouble breathing. The fashion for tiny waists and elevated busts put such pressure on the rib cage that a women passing out was a regular occurrence.

    Luckily we are all very much more relaxed these days, and the advancement in textiles and designs, combined with a more comfortable and realistic approach to a woman’s silhouette places comfort and support above anything.

    The foundation of every outfit

    Our bodies are amazing things – and every single one is different in shape, size, and proportion. It is these differences that underwear embraces, creating a foundation for what goes on to the surface.

    For women, the bust is the one part of their body that requires specialist care, and making sure that they choose that right size and shape for their individual needs is essential. An ill-fitting bra can ruin an outfit – it can spoil the line of a beautiful dress, it can cause bulges and where none need exist.

    But perhaps even more important – and this is an area that is not given enough attention by the media – a badly fitting bra can also be damaging to a woman’s overall physical health. Studies show that a badly fitting bra can lead to a number of different health issues. If there is a lack of support, it can lead to the woman experiencing breast pain, and breast skin damage.

    It can also lead to back and shoulder pain, bad posture, and skin chaffing. And although there has been some suggestion that wearing an underwired bra can lead to breast cancer, it is important to note that this claim is NOT verified and there is no evidence to suggest that it does.

    As a result, the fit of the bra is important on many different levels, and manufacturers such as Ivory Rose are beginning to niche down into the specialized production of bras which fulfill certain important criteria.

    Quality over quantity

    The tailoring and materials used in the production of quality lingerie play their part in creating the best foundation for your every day style and comfort. While fast cheap fashion has led to an explosion of ‘pile ‘em high sell ‘em cheap’ lingerie products, these garments inevitably wear thin in a short period of time, stitches can come loose, and consequently the support and coverage which is so instrumental to creating that foundation are quickly compromised.

    Good underwear needs to be considered important investment pieces. A quality seamstress will create a piece of underwear that is robust, durable, and fit for purpose. It fits like a glove, gives the right amount of support and lift, and feels like a second skin when you wear it. And of equal importance, it looks absolutely beautiful too. Woman do not wear their lingerie for men, but for themselves, and this sense of pride and confidence in their underwear inevitably manifests in the way that woman carries herself in the world.

    A sustainable way forward

    And as the world focuses more and more on sustainability, investing in premium, quality underwear will ensure that less spoiled textiles end up in landfill.

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