Valorant: A Guide for Newcomers in game

    Valorant is a world where every shot matters and every decision determines the fight’s outcome. It is a skillfully woven web of tactics, skills and mastery, where every agent is the key to victory, and every map is a battlefield where teams fight for the existence of their worlds. Here, among bullets and explosions, legends are born, and battles turn into epic sagas. Valorant is a challenge for those who are ready to become the hero of their story and make their mark in the battle for glory and valor. Enter the battle and feel the pulse of this unique world, where every moment is filled with adrenaline and the opportunity to become better.

    Basic mechanics of Valorant

    Main gameplay

    Valorant offers unique gameplay where each player chooses one of the agents(also known as radiants) with unique abilities and participates in 5v5 matches on various maps. Your team’s task is to either defend the spike site from being planted by the opposing team or successfully plant the spike yourselves. This is the main PvP activity that players play in normal and ranked mode. If you have played CS GO and shown good results, then you will quickly adapt to this game. The main feature of Valorant is the absence of special grenades, but each agent in the game has abilities, that can blind enemies, create obstacles, deal damage and heal.

    Other PvP modes

    The game has several other modes besides competitive and normal, which will help diversify the gameplay or prepare for a real battle:

    • Swiftplay: This is a mode in which you play a quick version of the normal mode where you purchase the weapons that you need.
    • Spike rush: This mode is similar to a quick game, but in each round, weapons are randomly given to you and your teammates. You can also find special spheres on the map that will strengthen your character for a while. All players have a spike.
    • Deathmatch: There are no teams in this mode, each player must get as many points as possible by killing opponents until the timer runs out.
    • Team Deathmatch: A type of deathmatch where one team kills the other, gaining points before the end of the timer.
    • Escalation: Your team must complete 12 levels of escalation. Each level gives you a specific weapon and with its help, you must kill enemies. The first team to complete all 12 levels wins.
    • Premier: Premier is Valorant’s in-game tournament system, requiring a team of 5 players to compete. Once your team is ready, registration for the current tournament cycle must be completed before the deadline. Tournaments last approximately a month, with each weekend featuring a specific map that you can preview. You can play up to 2 games per tournament weekend.The competitive mode game in Valorant’s Premier grants Overtime Priority to the first team reaching 12 rounds in overtime. This allows them to choose whether to start on attack or defense.

    Roles of agents in the game

    The choice of agent  is an important component of the gameplay, which can turn the tide of the battle. Each agent has a role and helps the team in certain situations. The game has 4 roles with certain features:


    The role of a duelist in Valorant is to be a leading fragger and a strong player in most rounds of the match. The duelist strives to constantly put pressure on opponents, creating one-on-one situations and winning them, using his skill and reactions.


    The initiators in Valorant are agents, who check dangerous corners and open the way to the plant point. They often use smoke screens, flash grenades, and suppression and disorientation devices.


    Controllers in Valorant allow you to effectively defend and consolidate the desired positions on the map. They use special gadgets that allow them to determine the location of the enemy or set up barriers.


    Supports specialize in providing support to their team, providing additional opportunities for surviving and controlling the playing field. They can use barriers, healing abilities and other skills, which help for their comrades


    There are several types of weapons in the game and each of them is suitable for certain situations. There are 6 types of weapons available in the game: sidearm, SMG, rifle, sniper, heavy and shotgun.

    Rifles are the most used type of weapon at the moment, however, if there are a large number of short distances on the map you can buy SMGs or shotguns for killing enemies and profitable exchange in the economic part for your team.

    Game cycle in Valorant

    Each round of the game begins with a shopping phase, where you choose the weapons and skills that you need, for the realization of your plan with the team. Communication with teammates is the important thing that will make your team as effective as possible. After discussing your actions, you begin to implement them. If you see enemies, it is important to tell your allies about them and think   about their next actions and adapt to the enemy’s movements. Everything, that happens next depends on your ingenuity, accuracy, and ability to use the capabilities of your character. This cycle occurs every round for the duration of your game.

    Valorant boosting service

    Although the game has similar mechanics as other FPS shooters, beginners may encounter certain problems. Each Valorant radiant in the game has its own playstyle and often the player must be able to play more than one character at the same time, because your favorite character may be chosen by another player. 

    In this situation, you can buy coaching, where a professional player will improve your playing skills with a certain radiant and also improve your shooting skills. If you are a good player who is always at the top of the leaderboard every game, but loses it through your weak teammates, then in this situation you can also order Valorant boost. You and the Valorant booster will play on the same team, destroying your opponents, winning most of the games.

    You can also use Valorant boosting to raise Valorant rank without your participation. This will save your time and effort and you will be able to tell your friends what a cool player you are.


    Valorant is both a familiar and unique game in its genre. It uses mechanics that are familiar to most players, but introduces unique agent abilities, making the gameplay fresh and unique.

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