Is Gladiator 2 Set to be the Film Event of the Year?

    It has been almost a quarter of a century, but Ridley Scott has finally made a sequel to one of his most iconic films. Fans have been desperate for Gladiator 2 ever since the release of Gladiator in 2000, and it’s set for release this year.

    Gladiator 2 will have the success of its predecessor as a springboard, and it will benefit from the popularity of Roman themes in today’s entertainment market. The new picture has the potential to be the biggest cinematic event of 2024.

    Gladiator’s Influence is Still Notable in the Modern Entertainment Industry

    Despite being released at the turn of the millennium; Gladiator still has a notable influence on the entertainment industry of the modern age. Arguably, no era is more popular than ancient Rome in some of the internet’s most bustling sectors.

    The iGaming sector is one place that’s packed full of titles that still piggyback on the success of Gladiator. At BetMGM, there are games like Gladiator Legends, Wild Gladiators, and Game of Gladiators. The site is listed by because of its array of top titles like these, as well as its generous $1500 welcome promotion.

    Along with Gladiator games, there are plenty of movies and television series that have been influenced by Scott’s 2000 offering. These include Troy in 2004 and HBO’s Rome in 2005. It could be argued that offerings like Game of Thrones and Vikings enjoyed such great success because of Gladiator’s enduring impact on the entertainment industry as well. Scott’s film primed audiences to enjoy watching historical themes with plenty of brutal fight scenes.

    When Gladiator 2 comes out, it will have a sprawling audience ready and waiting, hungry for more content in the genre. It could also bring new ideas to the table and inspire a whole range of new games and series.

    Gladiator 2 Has a Chance of Beating its Predecessor

    Gladiator was a revelation during its related award season and picked up a plethora of Oscars. The full array of these is listed at, and they include Best Picture and Best Actor for Russell Crowe. It was also commercially successful, with a total of $465.4 million at the box office. This was good for the time, but those numbers wouldn’t stack up against modern blockbusters.

    Gladiator 2 is likely to beat those box office figures by some margin thanks to the anticipation that surrounds it. According to, the new picture stands to break a variety of records and is likely to easily break the $1 billion mark.

    Scott’s upcoming offering has loads of factors that would make it a potential smash hit regardless of whether it had the fame of the original behind it. The cast is incredible and features the likes of Denzel Washington and Pedro Pascal, two names that can bring in huge crowds. It will also explore brand new themes and bring a unique story to the booming ancient Rome genre.

    Gladiator 2 has so much working in its favour that it’s hard to not imagine it being the major film event of the year. The picture is set for release in late November and could potentially beat its predecessor’s box office take before Christmas.

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