Bad Dinosaurs Season 2: Latest News, Rumors, & Potential New Series

    Bad Dinosaurs is a funny and imaginative series that takes you back to the Mesozoic Era and is designed for all family members. Each episode is full of surprises that keep the audience engaged and urge them to keep guessing which next move these mischievous dinosaurs will take.

    Also, dinosaur parents’ attempts to fulfill their parenthood responsibilities and keep the little ones in line are amusing and entertaining for both parents and kids. Therefore, Bad Dinosaurs has become one of the most entertaining animation series in a short time.

    For now, everyone is anxiously waiting for the next season. If you are also waiting for next season, we have covered you. Keep reading to learn every little detail about your favorite animated series!

    Will Bad Dinosaurs Be Back With Season 2?

    Bad Dinosaurs is an animated series announced in 2022 and released in March 2024. Joel Veitch is the showrunner and co-creator of Bad Dinosaurs. He got the idea for this series while chatting with his collaborator and friend (David Shute) in 2014. Dan Dixon and Paul Schleicher are the producers of this series.

    The series consists of eight episodes. Each episode lasts about 20 to 22 minutes and is divided into three short segments. In each part, you can see the lovable and mischievous dinos snatching food from each other. Watching how they try to jump, fly, and get into silly situations is fun. Throughout the series, the mother tries to protect her three kids at any cost, keep the home tidy, and search for food for them.

    The kids can watch the dinosaurs in eye-catching and interesting colors, making it a visually attractive show. The series also includes several other creatures, such as ostriches and mice, to add variety to the storyline and keep the audience hooked.

    The series follows the adventures of a notorious family of dinosaurs. For instance, you can see the baby dinosaurs eating sea creatures, fighting over a single fish, or teasing their mother.

    The babies also destroy their nest, and the mother T-Rex roars out of frustration. The baby dinosaurs also get angry over each other and roar, while the mother gets overwhelmed by her babies. Therefore, the kids will enjoy the time spent watching and will laugh.

    From season 1 of Bad Dinosaurs, the kids can also learn about the struggles of the T-Rex family, their trials, and much more about their existence in the prehistoric wilderness. Plus, the kids can learn how the little family struggles to stay alive while surrounded by other dinosaurs. It makes the series more exciting and interesting and keeps the audience hooked.

    Let us add one thing: the series is popular among kids and has become a favorite of all the older family members. This massive popularity and fan following indicate that Bad Dinosaurs will return with season 2 soon.

    There is no official date, but it will likely be announced soon. So, until then, stay excited and patiently wait for your favorite series!

    Where Can You Watch The Bad Dinosaurs Season 1?

    Bad Dinosaurs is the debut animated series Snafu Pictures (a London-based animation production company) created. Although the dinosaurs are humongous creatures that look terrifying, in this series, you will find these creatures adorable while solving the same problems we all face.

    The show teaches several life lessons, and the interesting aspect of “Bad Dinosaurs” is that there are no dialogues. Instead, you can enjoy various sounds, including sighs, growls, groans, and whimpers, with which you will not feel any need for language.

    The other unique thing about this series is that the color of the T-Rex is pink, as opposed to the typical Tyrannosaurus, which is green and has scales. Therefore, kids find these characters very unique and interesting.

    If you want to watch Bad Dinosaurs, all eight episodes will be available on Netflix Junior from March 28, 2024. To watch the series, viewers must get a Netflix subscription, which starts at $.99/month.


    Bad Dinosaurs is an animated series released on March 28, 2024, described as a “high-octane thrill ride.” It consists of a successful series of shorts. Throughout the show, you and the kids can see the lovably mischievous family, which explores the beautiful prehistoric world and has great fun with the silly dinosaurs.

    From the very first episode, the series has gained massive popularity among all family members, and now everyone is anxiously looking forward to the Bad Dinosaurs’ second season. Though the release date for the next season has yet to be announced, viewers are expected to be able to watch the new fun episodes of this amazing series soon on their screens!

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