Best Weapons in Myth of Empires 1.0 – Tier List

    Myth of Empires 1.0 brings new surprises on the table for the players to enjoy and weapons are one of them. Here in this guide, we will be sharing with you a list of the Best Weapons in Myth of Empires 1.0.

    Furthermore, we will be dividing the list into 5 tiers, ranging from S, A, B, and C to D, with S being the best and D being the worst in the list itself. Also, for clarity, we have a main category, and then each weapon is examined in that specific category it belongs to.

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    Best One-Handed Weapons in Myth of Empires 1.0

    One-handed weapons are some of the essentials to have in your inventory, especially for ground combat. But, they are not that great when riding your trusty horse. Let’s dive into the Best One Handed Weapons tier list in Myth of Empires 1.0.

    Meteoric Blade – S-tier

    This one-handed weapon is great for parrying and utilizes dual damage modes alongside great stats. Thus, it has amazing versatility for impact, but the main thing that puts Meteoric Blade in the S-tier is its bleed-over time.

    Boasting dual damage modes, 443 slashing, and 489 piercing, it provides versatility for maximum impact. The main reason we put this to the S tier is the bleed overtime damage, which is extreme after you unlock the skills.

    So, in short, the Best One-Handed Weapon in Myth of Empires 1.0 is the Meteoric Blade.

    Quake Hammer – A-tier

    The next weapon is the quake hammer. It has a crush damage of 491, which means it is great to use against heavy armor and shields. It is an A-tier single-hand weapon in Myth of Empires 1.0.

    However, you should use this against heavily armored enemies in event battles to finish their supplies faster. It’s also a great weapon to cancel the enemy’s attacks.

    Black Iron Axe – B-tier

    It is not performing well if we compare it to the other one-handed weapons and it deserves to be in the B tier. However, it has the highest base damage, 517 slashing, and 346 piercing. Also, it will give you a damage buff if you strike 5 times consecutively and it has a longer combo than the others.

    Best Polearms in Myth of Empires 1.0

    They work best on horseback, amplifying damage as your horse speeds up. You can use them on foot for specific situations like thrust attacks to defend or maintain distance or while you are fighting on choke points.

    Tiger Spear – S-tier

    The Best Polearm Weapon in Myth of Empires 1.0 is the tiger spear. Its standout feature is the cavalry lance ability. After reaching a certain speed and using the skill, the spear inflicts damage upon contact with anything.

    This skill allows you to damage multiple enemies while using the skill, making the tiger spear an unparalleled choice. The spear has a 634 piercing damage and 125% charge damage.

    Tiger Spear requires 60 Levels to equip in the game. You can Buy Myth of Empires Copper Coins from MMOPixel to quickly level up your character and enjoy this S-tier Polearm while riding.

    Dual Crescent Halberd – A-tier

    Next up is the dual crescent halberd. It claims the top spot in slashing damage among polearms, securing its place at the A tier. High slash damage maximizes the speed multiplier, delivering impressive damage.

    The base damage slash damage of the halberd is 703 and 569 piercing damage.

    Meteoric Poleaxe – A-tier

    Meteoric Poleaxe is a decent pick among the others, so it deserves an A tier as well.

    It has 668 slashing damage and 534 piercing damage. But most importantly, it has a 125% charge damage and it has a bleed-over-time effect like the blade.

    However, you can’t spam attacks like the blade, so it is not as effective as the blade.

    Hafted Blade – C-tier

    Beginning with the hafted blade, it boasts a lower damage output compared to other polearms, which is 602 slashing and 634 piercing.

    They have a spectacular look but are weak against other polearms. So, it deserves to be in the C tier.

    Best Ranged Weapons in Myth of Empires 1.0

    Now, let’s talk about ranged weapons. They bring versatility with some usable on horseback. Differences in damage and reload times add an extra layer of options to consider.

    Dragon Tongue Bow – S-tier

    It has a 629.5% damage multiplier. While the rare wood bow is a contender, the dragon tongue bow’s superior accuracy and quicker reload time outweigh any slight differences in damage, making it the standout choice.

    We will put this bow to the S tier among the ranged weapons, making the dragon tongue bow the Best Ranged Weapon in Myth of Empires 1.0.

    Rarewood Bow – A-tier

    Rarewood bow is another great option. It has a slightly higher damage multiplier than the dragon tongue bow, which is 673.1%. However, the reload speed is slower. It has a lower accuracy, but a longer range.

    Overall, it is still a decent choice, but we prefer the dragon tongue bow over it. That is why we will leave this in the A tier for now.

    Crossbows – B-tier

    Crossbows are in the B tier for me. They offer very high damage, which is 975.8%, but have a slow reload, making them less suitable for open-world use. They work best in a defensive setting, like protecting your base from raids, where you’re stationary and behind walls.

    We suggest crafting and keeping them at your base for such situations, rather than using them in open-world encounters.

    Repeater Crossbow – D-tier

    The repeater crossbow is a joke. Who needs this when you can use a bow on a horse? It has lower damage than the bow, which is 528.8%, and a much longer reload time. It deserves to be in the D tier.

    Shuttle Spear – D-tier

    The shuttle spear goes into the D tier because it has such a short range, which means you will need to be near the melee range. It is a hard weapon to master. However, this weapon is perfect for large-scale combat.

    Best Two-Handed Weapons in Myth of Empires 1.0

    The last category is for two-handed weapons. They are very effective in ground combat. You can counter any weapon with it if you play your cards right. You can heal yourself if you kill an enemy with it.

    Meteoric Iron Mace – S-tier

    The meteoric iron mace comes with 418 piercing and 572 blunt damage. We will place it in the S tier because of its impressive 200% armor damage and 200% weapon-breaking damage multipliers, making the meteoric iron mace the Best Two-Handed Weapon in Myth of Empires 1.0.

    This makes it highly effective in event battles, where it can both damage and break your enemy’s armor and weapon simultaneously.

    Same as before, you do need a higher level to equip the Meteoric Iron Mace. Go to MMOPixel and Buy Myth of Empires Copper Coins to get quick level-ups and use this spectacular weapon.

    Meteoric Greataxe – B-tier

    Moving on to the meteoric great axe, featuring 602 slash and 542 piercing damage. It stands out with a notable 200% shield-breaking multiplier.

    This makes it particularly effective for smashing through shields. We will put it in the B tier for now.

    Meteoric Glaive – C-tier

    We will put the meteoric glaive to the C tier. It has a 476 and 544 piercing damage. It has a bleed effect, but again, you can’t spam it like the blade, so it is not that very effective.


    Myth of Empires 1.0 might bring out new weapons for players to experience and change things around to topple off the audience, but most things remain nearly the same. Here in our Best Weapons in Myth of Empires 1.0 Tier List, the Meteoric Blade, Tiger Spear, Dragon Tongue Bow, and Meteoric Iron Mace win the title of Best Weapons in their respective category. One thing, however, to note is that all of them nearly require a high level. So, you need Myth of Empires Copper Coins to get these levels gained as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you can Buy Myth of Empires Copper Coins from MMOPixel to save time and resources.

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