Trending Jewellery For Men In 2024 So Far

    Jewellery isn’t just for the ladies, men can enjoy jewellery too. And this year looks set to be the best year for jewellery yet. So what trends are already making an impact? Explore trending jewellery for men in 2024 so far…

    Statement necklaces

    If you want to create a bold look, start with a statement necklace. Statement necklaces are a great way to show off your personality, commanding attention when people see your outfit. To make a statement, think large pendants, thick chains or adding some gemstones. Go for styles that stand out and make a lasting impression.

    Oversized signet rings

    Most married men sport a wedding ring, so wearing a ring on your finger is nothing new. But beyond a classic wedding band, signet rings are another popular ring style that men have been wearing for centuries. And while they have been less common in recent years, they have had a bit of a resurgence, with many men opting for a chunky signet ring as part of their look.

    What’s great about signet rings is that they can be unique to the individual, personalised with initials and symbols that make the piece a little more special. Choose a bold style and embrace the return of this classic.

    Hoops for men

    Studs have long been the choice of earwear for men, but men’s styles are constantly evolving, with hoops now becoming a popular choice. From small, understated hoops to larger styles, there are a lot of different hoop styles for men to choose from, adding a subtle touch to your look.

    Colourful styles

    Most jewellery styles for men are based around metals such as gold and silver, or even neutral tones like black and brown. But in 2024, things are already looking a little more colourful, with different enamels and gemstones bringing pendants, bracelets and rings to life. Use colourful jewellery to complement your look – it’s an easy way to brighten up your outfit without having to add too many bright hues to your wardrobe, unless you want to that is!


    Even though jewellery trends are becoming bigger, bolder and brighter, minimalism is still a popular trend to embrace. If you’re unsure about wearing jewellery, or you prefer a more subtle style, then the minimalist trend is perfect for you. From fine chains to simple ring styles, these pieces look elegant and stylish, without being overpowering. You could choose some investment pieces that you will wear regularly, and become an essential part of your signature style.

    Sustainable pieces

    Love jewellery but want to care for the planet? Then make some sustainable jewellery choices in 2024. Many jewellery brands are leaning towards recycled materials and responsibly sourced diamonds and other gemstones to create beautiful pieces that reduce their impact on the planet.

    In addition to buying from sustainable sellers, you could also go down the vintage route. Your local town or city’s independent jewellery stores are a fantastic place to find some pre-loved treasures that will give you some unique styles, often at great prices.

    You could also consider selling on some of your unwanted jewellery so that others can enjoy it.

    Chain bracelets and necklaces

    Chain bracelets and necklaces have always been some of the most popular men’s jewellery trends, and aren’t going anywhere in 2024. Chain necklaces are particularly effective when worn with an open collar or a v-neck style, and you can choose from different lengths and weights to enhance your look. Men’s rope chain styles are a wardrobe staple, and can be worn with both day and evening looks with ease. Adding pendants can add a more personal touch, making your chain style more unique.


    And on the subject of personal touches, personalisation is another major jewellery trend for 2024. Not only does it give more meaning to your look, but it can be a fantastic way to celebrate yourself or someone else, with a reminder that’s always close to you.

    Personalisation comes in a lot of forms, including engraving names, words and initials, coordinates, maps and even your birthstone. Personalising your jewellery will make it completely unique to you as another way to show off your individual style.

    2024’s jewellery trends include styles that cater for everyone, so whether you’re looking for a bold look or a subtle introduction to the world of jewellery, you’ll find different trends to embrace and enjoy.

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