Latest Research on Red Light Therapy: Are the Promises and Claims True?

    Taking any therapy without knowing its research history won’t be a good idea. Red light therapy today has captured the eyes of many people worldwide. The skyrocketing demands are creating more craze among people.

    So, knowing the latest research on red light therapy and what promises and claims these devices make needs to be examined. There have been many RLT (red light therapy) studies and tests. And so far, the results have been appreciable. But, can’t come down to conclusions right now, as there are a few drawbacks too!

    Without further ado, let’s dive into the blog!

    Numbers of research on Red Light Therapy

    Tens of research and studies have been conducted, and so far, red light therapy has been promising. Whether it be aiding with hair growth, skin and wound healing, dealing with wrinkles or fine lines, or even helping with depression, red light therapy has it all covered.


    However, there are many other claims, like the therapy dealing with cancer and several other conditions, but to justify this, more solid evidence is required. This is why scientists are still in the research process to figure out the answers.


    List of Research and Findings on Red Light Therapy

    In this section, I’ve listed some solid research facts and findings on red light therapy. So, make sure to read on till the end of the section.

    Here’s how red light therapy evolved:

    1.     Skin and Wound Healing

    According to many different research and studies, red light therapy has been shown to bring in tens of benefits with skin repair. And especially the handheld red light therapy devices from PlatinumLED have proved to work like magic.

    RLT has been quite promising with the treatments, whether acne breakouts or scars. That’s not all; further research even concluded that RLT could improve collagen production. So you can see your skin heal naturally without adverse effects.

    There have been claims that red light therapy can even take on diabetic ulcers, which itself is astounding! However, researchers state that to get the best results, you need to be active with the therapy sessions, and it may even take several multiple sessions.

    Therefore, to strongly confirm this claim, scientists are still continuously researching and trying to figure out the truth.

    2.     Anti-aging Characteristics

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could reverse the younger state of your skin? Definitely yes! Research shows that red light therapies have anti-aging properties, which help reduce any signs of wrinkles and fine lines.

    Further research states that RLT stimulates fibroblast production, which allows your body to generate more collagen. This way, your skin gets better strength and structure, and you see a youthful appearance.

    Scientists even say that when you have more collagen, your skin’s elasticity restores and your fine lines disappear like magic. Red light therapy can even help you have a more lifted face; however, it must be regularly massaged.

    3.     Proper Haircare Routine

    Red light therapy can be highly beneficial if you let it get exposed to your hair. Continuous exposure to this therapy can help you have a proper hairline and improve hair growth.

    So, according to scientists, if you use the proper red light therapy with the correct settings, you can quickly achieve your ideal hair length.

    Now, one of the reasons RLT can help you get your hair fixed is because it can aid with blood circulation. Therefore, more blood gets circulated to your scalp, which helps more nutrition to reach the scalp, and your hair gets hydrated.

    This increase in blood flow also helps you get more volume in your hair, making it dense and strong.

    4.     Helps with Pain Relief

    Red light therapy devices help a lot when it comes to dealing with your pain. And according to scientists, it’s one of the most recommended therapy sessions where you can get immense relief without worrying about side effects.

    Plus, when you use it regularly, you tend to get better and faster results. However, taking these therapy sessions at a fixed time of the day brings more benefits to the table.

    Further research even states that red light therapy can cover your back with its anti-inflammatory properties. This helps improve your movement ability and releases most of the pain.

    So, red light therapy can be a great pick if you’re an athlete or someone with pain in the knees, bones, or any part of the body.

    Research doesn’t end here! Dentists even figured out that RLT can also deal with jaw pains, which is why these therapy devices are present in dental clinics.

    5.     Mental Health

    If you don’t know, red light therapy can also help you with your mental health! When you’re deprived of sunlight, it can decrease your overall mental condition.

    RLT can aid you with certain conditions because this therapy can mimic the sunlight, crucial in elevating your mood. So, when your mood is elevated, it’s evident that you’ll have better mental health.

    Researchers even claimed that you get an enhancement of mood due to the melatonin released to your brain for RLT. ‘Now, what about depression? Can RLT also solve that?

    You bet it can! Studies confirmed that RLT can help you with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), which is effective in treating depression.

    That’s not all; migraine and fatigue can also be quickly dealt with red light therapy. Although red light therapies don’t require any prescriptions, we’ll always recommend that you consult your healthcare provider before taking this as your ultimate treatment option.

    6.     Neurodegenerative Disorders

    Dementia is one of the leading neurodegenerative disorders that affects many people worldwide. According to many recent studies and research, red light therapy has proven to have in magical impact on the condition.

    Not only dementia, red light therapy has also shown promise in conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s condition, and many other neurodegenerative conditions.

    However, more research is being conducted to ensure these conditions can be looked through with red light therapy.

    Red Light Therapy Benefits and Dangers Explained

    Without question, red light therapy brings in tens of benefits. Red light therapy can deal with acne breakouts, wrinkle and skin elasticity problems, aging issues, and even neurological conditions.

    Many users even claim to get many other benefits through red light therapy:

    • Cure for depression
    • Helps with muscle mass and bone density
    • Improving fertility in men and women
    • Helps suppress migraine pain
    • Heals wounds and helps to fade scars
    • Improve blood circulation
    • Promotes collagen production
    • Energizes your cells by activating the mitochondrial activities

    Now, these are just some of the benefits many users have claimed to get through consistent use of the red light therapy sessions.

    However, there are certain drawbacks to red light therapy. Here are some of them:

    • It might burn or even damage your tissue if overused for a longer period each session.
    • It could irritate the eyes if the eyes are not protected.
    • You can have adverse skin reactions if you’re allergic or have other skin conditions.
    • You need to be consistent with each of the sessions if you want to see effective and proper results.

    These are a few possible drawbacks you may face with red light therapy. But, if you know the insights and follow the instructions of the manual and your healthcare specialist, this therapy will go smoothly.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Red Light Therapy Stimulate Collagen?

    Yes, red light therapy is quite effective when it comes to the stimulation and production of collagen. When your body gets exposed to red light, it elevates the flow of blood, which plays a vital role in the stimulation of collagen.

    Does Red Light Reverse Wrinkles?

    Red light is famous for its ability to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. However, to get the best results, you need to be consistent and regular with each therapy session.

    Did NASA Develop Red Light Therapy?

    No, NASA didn’t develop the red light therapy. However, they do play a huge role in the research and development of this therapy.

    Can Red Light Therapy Cause Cancer?

    No, there still hasn’t been any solid evidence that red light therapy comes with any form of cancer. However, further studies are in process to determine if there’s any link between red light therapy and cancer.

    Looking Forward To Future Researches On Red Light Therapy

    After going through this blog, you should now understand the latest research on red light therapy. Red light therapy and its devices are evolving and bringing in more and more benefits to people.

    Although certain research studies might not be solid, most of the studies are. The significant evidence of this device’s effectiveness is the users’ opinion. And so far people have been getting positive results.

    So, we believe the therapy comes with promise, and with stronger future research, the therapy will have better and more effective treatment results.

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