Three Unique and Exciting Entertainment Opportunities to Spend Your Cryptocurrency On

    Cryptocurrency is slowly regaining its value. While it may not be at the lofty heights it once was, it does give you two options: sell it or use it. Like any currency, when it goes up in value it goes further and allows you to do more things and purchase more goods. If you have been hoarding Bitcoin and Ethereum, now may be the time to use it and we can show you how.

    Go on Holiday

    With crypto and fuel being consistently volatile in price, you would think that many airline carriers would avoid the payment method like the plague. Yet some third-party bookers are taking advantage of crypto, seeing the many advantages it can bring. If you can find one, then you can use the currency to pay for your next trip abroad.

    It is not just the travel option either. You will also find many hotels now welcome crypto with open arms. Some countries, such as Japan, have also embraced the technology wholeheartedly and will let you pay for services with it while you are there. Do your research before you go, and you may find you can have a whole holiday using it!

    Casino Games

    The online casino industry was one of the first to allow online payments in cryptocurrency. There are several distinct advantages for players and the casino when using crypto, with the main benefit being that withdrawals are both ultra-secure and fast.

    However, not all online casinos that accept crypto are created equal and they often have varied rules. Some will take your crypto payment and convert it to fiat currency, allowing you to cash it in and play. Others will have dedicated crypto games, such as a section offering Bitcoin casino games that can be played using the currency alone. You may find some casino deals only in crypto, whereas others will be standard casinos that accept a range of payment methods. Do your homework and shop around to see which is best for you.

    Space Travel

    For this one, you may need a lot of Bitcoin and you may not be going to Mars anytime soon. However, you will at least get into the outer atmosphere and further than most of your friends have been on holiday. Virgin Galactic is the operator of this one, the famous company founded by billionaire Richard Branson. The company is developing commercial spacecraft and it does accept Bitcoin as payment.

    Formerly known as “The Spaceship Company,” Branson aims to bring commercial flights as quickly as possible. They have already had some success with their VSS Unity crafts, which have carried passengers into space. However, this definition of space is only by the US calculation that states space begins at 50 miles above the earth’s surface. The rest of the world views it as 62 miles, known as the Karman Line.

    The use of crypto will follow the path of any currency. For a time, it will be a little unstable before becoming more even. This means you will see more and more entertainment options arrive shortly.

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