Why Is My Vaporesso Not Working? (Debunked And Solutions!)

    Due to its convenient features, high quality, and easy-to-follow maintenance, Vaporesso has a huge fan base. However, electrical devices come with some technical issues and also with the solutions.

    Though at reliable vape shops like Vape Deals, you would get several different Vaporesso pod vapes, the problems are often the same.

    One of the most common questions we noticed in vapers is, ” Why is my Vaporesso not working?”

    Today, we’ll explore all the possible ways that can be helpful for you.

    Too Late/Didn’t Read

    There can be several reasons why the Vaporesso is not working.

    Check out the followings-

    • Make sure your device is turned on
    • Check if the device’s battery is charged enough
    • Inspect the connection point
    • Check if the Vaporesso pod’s fire button is plunged
    • Ensure you have properly set the pod while replacing

    Why Is My Vaporesso Not Working? [4 Problems+Solutions]

    Whether Luxe 80 S, Luxe XR, or Luxe X, all Vaporesso pod systems have the basic device structure, as described in the image above.

    The pod’s battery will let you know about its current status with three different LED colors.

    • Red Color– Low battery level (0%-30%)
    • Blue Color– Medium level of batt (30%-70%)
    • Green Color– Fully-charged battery (70%-100%)

    So, users can easily get to know the battery level while vaping and put the device on charging once the LED color is indicated. However, what would you do if your Vaporesso isn’t working, firing up, or hitting up?

    There can be several reasons why your pod isn’t working properly:

    • An empty battery
    • Improper connection of the pod’s parts
    • Problem with the power button

    1.      Vaporesso Pod Isn’t Turning On

    This problem can occur if you have turned on and off the device too often. Vaporesso pods get turned off by pressing the firing button a few times. This can be done 3 to 6 times based on what brand of pod or battery you’re using.

    To turn on or off a Vaporesso pod,  click its power button 5 times within 2 seconds. But if you press the fire button more than that in just a shorter time, it won’t work out.


    In such a case, give your device a factory reset. After installing the tank, the device will identify the coil’s material and resistance. Then press the Up (+) key for reset and if you want to use the existing set up press the down (-) key. Now, start the vape by pressing the fire button. We recommend that people not vape for more than 10 seconds at one time to be safety conscious.

    2.    Vaporesso Isn’t Working After The Charge

    It is another common problem with vapers. You might have kept the device on charge for hours, but at the time of vaping, it’s not turning on.


    If the device has a full charge, but the LED color is saying something else, inspect the charging parts.

    Cross-check if you’re using the right charger compatible with the battery. When you start to chagrin the vape device, it will show a signal indicating charging progress.

    If it isn’t, please inspect if the charger is working normally. You should have changed the charger if it failed to give a 5V voltage output or had any other issues.

    Even if the cable is in good condition, it can hamper charging. Grime can be collected from the USB port. To check this, replace the cable with another charging cord and test it.

    Also, don’t forget to inspect the LED color itself on the vape device. Make sure it’s on work according to the user manual.

    If you haven’t charged your Vaporesso for many days or the low battery indication is there for several days, it means either the battery is damaged or over-discharged. Even after charging for 10-15 minutes, you can’t recover the batt. So, we recommend replacing the battery.

    3.   Problem With The Fire Button

    When your Vaporesso isn’t working, have you ever thought the problem could be hidden in the power button?


    Check out if the power button on your device is stuck or if the pod is properly installed. If you see any fault there, rectify it.

    Additionally, check the manual guide with your Vaporesso vape pod to see any indication of insufficient power, short circuit, or disconnection of the device and the coil.

    4.   Connection Issue

    This can happen due to dust and dirt while you have replaced the pod.


    Always keep the battery and tank or pod’s internal terminal clean. Use cotton buds to clear up the gunked-up e-liquid and dust particles.

    Another important reason that may lead to non-functional Vaporesso pods is internally damaged components. Remember, if you have ever dropped the device on a hard surface or in water, ending with power failure.

    7 Vaporesso Maintenance Tips

    1. Always keep the pods clean. Rinse your pod using warm water. Make sure it’s completely dry before you refill it.
    2. Based on how frequently you use your vape, we recommend changing your coil in one or two weeks.
    3.  Never completely drain out the battery. Make sure you keep it on recharge when the battery life capacity is within 20-30%.
    4. If you want to save your coils from degradation, don’t use e-juice that is highly sweetened.
    5. To prevent leakage, don’t overfill the pod.
    6. Regularly clean the pod device with isopropyl alcohol using a cotton bud.
    7. After use, store your device in a cool and dry place out of the sunlight.

    Got Your Solution?

    You might face hindrances like the power button not working, charged but still not working, and not functioning after replacing the pods, etc. Where there is a problem, there is a way, you know!

    Try our techniques; they would possibly work unless there isn’t any internal permanent damage in your pod.

    Similar to any other electrical device, Vaporesso pods can also have some issues after using several times. However, if the vape device is under warranty, you should take it to the retailer from which you bought it. Also, if the warranty duration has passed, no worries. You’ll get different ranges for replacing your pod’s parts.

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