Can’t Buy Me Love Season 2: Latest News, Cast & Potential Release Date

    Can’t Buy Me Love is a Philippine TV series aired on Kapamilya Channel and produced by ABS-CBN Entertainment. In this romantic comedy-drama series, you can see a young man who gets caught up in a deadly plot against a rich woman and then pays a devastating cost to get her free. It is what binds them both together.

    The drama gained massive popularity and appreciation from the audience in a short while and hit hardly the hearts of fans. Therefore, since the end of the first season, they have been in demand for the second season. The good part is that the makers have announced that there will be another season of this drama. But, to find out when Can’t Buy Me Love will be released, keep reading!

    Will There Be Can’t Buy Me Love Season 2?

    Can’t Buy Me, Love is a romantic series directed by Mae Cruz-Alviar, Ian D. Loreños, and Cathy Garcia-Sampana and premiered on 16th October 2023. The last episode of this drama will be aired on 10th May 2024, with a total of 148 episodes.

    But, before the end of the first season, the fans started waiting for the second season. The good news is that the makers have started working on the second season, and fans will watch a second season of Can’t Buy Me Love on 16th May 2024.

    What Is Can’t Buy Me Love Season 1 All About?

    Can’t Buy Me Love revolves around Bingo, a young man orphaned and entangled in a conspiracy. Due to this conspiracy, he encountered Caroline (a rich woman). Bingo tries greatly to get Caroline free from the impending danger, and it creates a debt that binds their fates together.

    Caroline is a Filipino Chinese heiress rich women. She is the younger but illegitimate daughter of the Tiu family and has a traumatic past (caused by the death of her mother). Bingo is a street-smart boy and a very hardworking person. He becomes Caroline’s savior (as he saves her from kidnappers).

    Irene Y. Tiu is another important character in this series who is the evil half-sister of Caroline. Though she is the spoiled daughter of the Tiu family, she has a mix of cruelty, snobbery, hidden vulnerability, and mockery but is soft-hearted. Snoop Manansala is another funny character in the series (played by Anthony Jennings). Manansala is the friend of Bingo and creates an entertaining relationship with Irene.

    At its core, the series explores all the themes of the intricate dynamics of sacrifice and love. In Can’t Buy My Love, you can see how love transcends economic and social boundaries. The connection between Bingo and Caroline makes this story more interesting and worth watching.

    The series title suggests that true love can’t be purchased. It emphasizes the priceless nature of authentic emotions. The drama beautifully explains the complexities of relationships, challenges faced by individuals (having different backgrounds), and family ties.

    Lastly, the series shows how love is built on selflessness and experiences. Due to its compelling storyline and powerful performance of all the characters, Can’t Buy Me Love has gained huge popularity and appreciation from the audience!

    Cast and Characters of Can’t Buy Me Love

    Main Cast

    • Donny Pangilinan plays the role of Andrei Bingo, a street boy adopted by a poor but loving family; before saving Caroline, Bingo searches for different jobs. After meeting her, he falls in love with her.
    • Belle Mariano plays the role of Caroline, the intelligent daughter of the Filipino-Chinese family. She tries to find the answers to many of her questions with the help of Bingo.

    Supporting Cast

    • Rowell Santiago plays the role of Wilson C. Tiu and is the president of GLC (Colden Lotus Corporation). He is Caroline’s father, and he adopted her into the family after her mother’s death.
    • Nova Villa plays the role of Salvacion, the loving adoptive grandmother of Bingo, who lives in Manila.
    • Agot Isidro plays the role of Cindy Young-Tiu, the wife of Wilson and mother of Charleston, Irene, and Bettina. She acts as Caroline’s cold-hearted stepmother.
    • Ina Raymundo plays the role of Annie Pedrosa-Mariano, the mother of Bingo. She abandoned Bingo when he was a kid and is taking revenge against the Tiu family.
    • Ruffa Gutierrez plays the role of Gina D. Tan, Carlo’s mother and Wilson’s mistress. She is a lawyer by profession and serves the Tiu family.
    • Maris Racal plays the role of Irene Y. Tiu, Caroline’s spoiled, alcoholic, and sarcastic sister.
    • Anthony Jennings plays the role of Snoop Manansala, Bingo’s best friend, and later develops a romantic bond with Irene.


    Can’t Buy Me Love is a popular Philippine series about Bingo and Caroline. Bingo tries to get Caroline free and pays a heavy amount for that. The romantic series was a massive hit and successfully made a special place in the hearts of its fans. Therefore, they demanded fresh episodes of Can’t Buy Me Love. Consequently, the makers decided to make season 2, which will be aired on 16th May 2024. So, stay excited, as you will soon enjoy new episodes of your favorite show!

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