Journey into the world of coffee culture

    Many of us can’t imagine starting the day without a cup of aromatic coffee. The popularity of this Ethiopian beverage is undeniable, and every day, we walk down the streets of our cities and towns and see new cafés offering their specialties and exceptional coffee.

    However, coffee consumption varies from country to country. In some countries, it is common to drink only espresso; in others, the market is dominated by coffee and milk beverages with different flavors. What are the differences in coffee culture and habits in different parts of the world?

    The cradle of espresso coffee – Italy

    Although Italy’s geographical location is not conducive to coffee cultivation, the country is known for its deep coffee tradition. Il galateo del caffè is the name given to the Italian coffee drinker’s etiquette, which is strictly adhered to to get the maximum flavor and pleasure from a small cup of coffee.

    The aroma of freshly ground, dark-roasted coffee beans floods almost every Italian café in the morning. Italians have a short espresso, a slightly longer lungo, or a cappuccino every morning before work. Coffee is usually taken standing up, but together with a muffin, it makes the perfect breakfast for many Italians.

    In the Italian tradition, each espresso must be stirred before drinking to combine the flavors in the foam and the coffee without making the coffee too bitter. In addition, the taste buds need to be prepared for the first sip of coffee before the water, so it is customary to get a glass of water with the espresso.

    You have probably heard that in Italy, it is not acceptable to have a cappuccino in the afternoon. Italians consider coffee with milk too heavy to drink after food. If you order a cappuccino after a hearty lunch or dinner, you will get one, but in general, the locals do not.

    As far as Italian culture is concerned, it is worth noting that while coffee is central, it also contains a lot of tobacco – a cigarette or other tobacco products along with coffee has become a daily ritual for many. This combination, part of Italian coffee culture, is common in other countries.

    Northern European hygge culture

    Interestingly, the Nordic countries lead the world in coffee consumption. The main principle of Nordic coffee is to bring out the unique, distinct flavor of high-quality and sourced coffee beans, enjoy quality coffee, and experience a range of natural flavors.

    Northern European coffee culture strongly emphasizes quality and sustainability. Many quality coffee shops in this region buy only ethically sourced beans that are roasted to perfection, preserving the coffee’s flavor characteristics. Such coffee is usually produced using alternative methods.

    In Denmark, as in Sweden and Finland, drip coffee, known as drip or filter brew, and other alternative brewing methods are popular. Here, it is common to enjoy a larger cup of coffee, drunk slowly, while enjoying the drink and a tasty snack together.

    The coffee culture in these countries is based on the concept of hygge, which has no exact translation but roughly means coziness and well-being, the pleasure of being. Cafés have a warm and cozy atmosphere, making them the ideal place to enjoy leisurely coffee.

    From filter coffee in coffee shops to premium beans in the USA

    In the United States, coffee culture is as diverse as the country. Coffee enthusiasts can enjoy various tastes and experiences, from filter coffee in every snack bar to modern cafés and roasters that provide the perfect quality coffee.

    The USA is famous for its coffee diversity, from classic filter coffee to flavored coffee and milk drinks. Although the US is most often associated with people hurrying to drink coffee to work, there are many different ways to consume coffee, whether enjoying a slow cup of specialty coffee or a hurried morning americano.

    The US is also the leading importer of quality coffee, just behind Europe. Along with offering high-quality coffee prepared in classic and alternative ways, coffee shops are creating coworking spaces that are growing in popularity worldwide.

    But coffee is not just hot. In the US, where iced lattes with syrups are popular, the cold extraction method, known as cold brew, where coffee is brewed with cold water and left to steep for a dozen to a few dozen hours, has also gained popularity.

    So, in the United States, you’ll find what you like best. Whether it’s a strong black coffee, a sweet milky coffee with whipped cream, or a cold-extraction cold brew, you won’t be disappointed.

    Coffee culture spreads around the world

    Coffee culture in different countries reflects the uniqueness of each nation and the different rhythms of life. Still, it also shows that many people cannot imagine everyday life without coffee. Coffee culture is spreading worldwide, and countries are slowly adopting the coffee culture of other countries.

    So whether you’re sipping a traditional espresso in Rome, enjoying filter coffee in America, or exploring the specialty coffee shops of Northern Europe, coffee culture continues to unite people all over the world and delight its lovers with a cup of perfectly brewed coffee every day.

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