Why Mindful Dating Can Transform Your Love Life

    If you ask people (especially younger generations), most of them will tell you that, for unknown reasons, dating has become very complex and overwhelming to some. Maybe that’s because a lot of them do not know what they want from others.

    Those who are looking for something casual generally have more luck because a fling can easily be found. On the other hand, that’s unfortunately not the case with more serious types of relationships.

    This refers to mindful dating, which is a term that many people aren’t familiar with. If you would like to know more about it and maybe even start dating more mindfully, then this detailed guide is definitely for you.

    Let’s Define It First!

    So what can be said about it? Namely, mindful dating can be defined as the process of being more aware while dating. It’s about accepting and embracing your values, and emotions, with the goal to find a perfect match.

    But besides that, it also helps you deal with rejection so much better, not taking it too personally. Basically, it’s about being fully focused when trying to find your kindred spirit. In other words, you need to invest yourself entirely to find the love of your life, and not take things lightly.

    Why You Should Date Mindfully?

    If you read everything that’s been written so far, you are probably still wondering if this is the right thing for you. Generally speaking, it isn’t for everyone, but mostly for people who are more interested in slow dating and do not want to rush things. There are numerous benefits to it that do not involve your dating life only, but also your mental health.

    For instance, if you decide to practice mindfulness while dating, you’ll be able to control your emotions so much better, which means that if you’re faced with any intense and challenging situation, you’ll have better emotion regulation.

    Apart from that, mindfulness can decrease stress and anxiety levels, which will not only positively influence your mental health, but your dating life as well. Over time, you’ll become a lot more self-aware and will be in touch with your emotions and needs, which is necessary for any stable relationship.

    If both partners decide to implement mindfulness, that’s even better because that’s going to enhance their intimacy and improve their overall communication and connection, leading to something long-lasting.

    How Can You Begin With Mindful Dating?

    • Do Not Allow Your Emotions To Take Over Your Dating Life – People who haven’t dated for a while, or generally feel very lonely, tend to be overly sensitive and emotional. But as previously mentioned, mindful dating is here to allow you to get in touch with your emotions and work on becoming stronger and more resilient. Those who have been along for a very, very long time and who are longing to find the other half, normally tend to cling to the first person who gives them some attention, even if they aren’t the best fit for them. However, if you’re interested in having something that’s going to last for many years (or forever), then you’re not going to allow yourself to be ruled by passion, but would rather give your all to get to know this person much better. In the beginning, while you’re still getting to know each other, try to be as neutral as possible, until you’re certain this person is right for you.
    • Get To Know Yourself – Yes, it’s great when you know others pretty well, however, what should always be your number one priority is to get to know yourself fully. Life is all about learning, through various relationships and stages. This includes dating too. Any relationship that you had throughout your life (this doesn’t refer to your previous partners, but also your relationships with friends and family) is some sort of lesson that is here to teach you certain things and help you get to know yourself and your needs even more. If you want to reap the benefits of mindful dating, then you must understand how your feelings translate into thoughts and the things you do. If you noticed that your previous relationships didn’t work out because you carelessly dove into them, then it probably means that it’s time to take things slowly and be a lot more mindful. Generally speaking, the most important relationship you’ll ever have is the one with yourself. That’s why you always need to nurture it. If you are fully aware of everything you want and need in life, then you’ll know exactly what you want from your future partner as well!
    • You Deserve To Be Loved – It’s safe to say that every single person on this earth deserves to be happy and loved. Although that’s a fact that cannot be denied, there are still people, who sadly do not believe that they deserve to be loved, or that they will ever be. Why is that? Well, that’s because a lot of them have experienced some sort of rejection, at some point, or were abandoned, which makes them believe that they are not worthy of love. Now, this doesn’t refer solely to the partners’ relationships, but to relationships with parents, siblings, friends, and many others. These are all relationships that can seriously ruin someone’s self-worth and self-esteem. If you want to be successful when it comes to mindful dating, then you need to change the perspective you have about yourself. This doesn’t come easy, that’s a fact, but it doesn’t hurt to try. If you want to change things for the better, then for starters, whenever you look in the mirror, you need to say these things to yourself “I am worthy of love”, “I can have an amazing relationship”, etc.
    • Be A Great Listener – Communication is a two-way street. If you want your date to be successful, then you should allow the other person to talk as well, and you should be all ears. By doing so, you’ll show how invested you are in everything they have to say.

    Being attracted to somebody isn’t enough for a serious relationship. As you can see, it takes so much more to turn a certain relationship into something serious and durable. If that’s your current goal, then be sure to remember everything that was written here.

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