A Journey Through Music: Qing Zhao’s Experiences as a Judge and Performer Qing Zhao’s Musical Journey: From Performance to Education

    Qing Zhao, a renowned pianist and music educator, has had an illustrious career marked by her performances and contributions as a competition judge. Her experience in these roles not only showcases her musical talents but also her commitment to nurturing the next generation of musicians.

    In 2024, Zhao served as a semifinal judge for the Blüthner-Internationales Festival der Musik und der vierte Deutsch-Carl Ronisch-Internationale Klavierwettbewerb. This role provided her with a profound appreciation for the diverse talents of musicians from around the world. “As a judge, I was deeply impressed by the passion and dedication each participant brought to their performance,” Zhao says. This experience also allowed her to gain new insights and methodologies from fellow judges, enhancing her own musical knowledge and evaluative skills.

    In addition to her many achievements, she was also invited to serve as a juror for the 30th International Johannes Brahms Competition in China. This prestigious competition, held annually in Austria since 1993, is a testament to the enduring legacy of Johannes Brahms and his profound impact on the world of music. Being selected as a juror for this esteemed competition is a significant honor, recognizing her expertise and contributions to the field.

    Recently, Zhao was honored with an invitation to serve as a judge at the prestigious Global Association for Music Education (G.A.M.E.) competition, taking place this June in Beijing. Spearheaded by a distinguished panel of international music educators, artists, and performers, this esteemed competition G.A.M.E. serves as a non-profit and academic organization dedicated to fostering cultural exchange, cultivating global music collaboration, and nurturing the next generation of musical talent.

    Zhao recognizes the significance of G.A.M.E. as a great platform for talent discovery and cultivation. The competition provides a stage for young pianists to showcase their artistry and virtuosity, gaining international recognition and connecting with a broader audience. Zhao says, “G.A.M.E. plays a crucial role in elevating the performance level of its participants. The competitive nature of the event encourages musicians to refine their technical skills, deepen their artistic expression, and push the boundaries of musical excellence. Furthermore, G.A.M.E. fosters cross-cultural understanding and appreciation by bringing together pianists from diverse backgrounds. This global exchange of musical perspectives enriches the participants’ artistic horizons.”

    Through her multifaceted career as a performer, judge, and educator, Qing Zhao continues to make significant contributions to the music community. Her dedication to excellence and passion for music education inspire both her students and colleagues, ensuring a lasting impact on the world of music.

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