Best Electronic Music Festivals in 2024

    With its ability to bring people together through rhythm and beats, electronic dance music has won over millions of fans worldwide. In this read, we will review some amazing EDM festivals in Europe. We will start with the second half of the year so that you have a chance to enroll in one or all of these thrilling events.

    Waking Life (Crato, Portugal, June 19 — 24)

    Waking Life is a week-long midsummer feast in Crato, Portugal that celebrates self-expression through art and music. With a varied lineup of artists, interactive artworks, performances, and audiovisual installations, the event provides a singular and immersive experience. Waking Life began as a dream project for a group of friends who mused of creating a community of kindred spirits in a balmy corner of the world. Since then, it has grown into a place where alternative lifestyles — ones that emphasize learning, living, and loving — are fostered. It is a dynamic forum for creative exploration, vibrant self-expression, and group envisioning of an unconventional society. Waking Life is a Portugal-based non-profit organization that is mostly run by volunteers, with the June gathering being its centrepiece.

    For those looking for a psychedelic get-together in a living garden, this event is a must-visit because of its lively and welcoming atmosphere.

    Audra (Kaunas, Lithuania, June 29 — July 03)

    Held in Kaunas, Lithuania, the Audra Festival is a colorful five-day urban music and art festival. This year, the festival will take place across four zones, each with its own unique atmosphere and gigs. The lineup boasts quite a number of seasoned and emerging artists. Ben UFO is one of the headliners. He is known for his superb mixing skills and impeccable taste, which make them stand out among other big names. Having started his DJ career as a follower of the dubstep movement, Ben UFO craftily combines techno, house, and experimental music into a seamless, alluring whole.

    Music lovers can explore the entire lineup and schedule their incredible experiences on the website as anticipation for the event evolves.

    Tomorrowland (Boom, Belgium, July 19 — 28)

    Tomorrowland is probably the most popular EDM festival in Europe. It debuted in 2005 and has grown to become one of the world’s most renowned music festivals. Among the many honors and prizes it has received are five consecutive votes for “best musical event of the year” at the renowned International Dance Music Awards.

    The thrilling lineup of Tomorrowland 2024, which takes place in Boom, Belgium, from July 19 to 28, is sure to excite festival goers. The Tomorrowland team announced an exclusive set by Disclosure for the first weekend of the festival, which is well-known for its fantasy-themed stages and immersive worlds.

    Street Parade (Zurich, Switzerland, August 10)

    This event lasts one day only, but it is totally worth it. You will spend this summer fun-filled day listening to amazing beats along with a million of other techno fans, who travel to Zurich for this annual Street Parade. The 2.4 km street parade also features multiple enormous stages spread out across the city. The whole metropolis comes to life, and naturally, the celebration continues with a ton of exciting events taking place at different locations after hours.

    Not only is it one of the very few free techno events in Europe, but it also features great DJ sets. Maybe Zurich is your dream destination this summer?

    BEONIX (Limassol, Cyprus, September 20 — 22)

    The idea behind BEONIX was to arrange a getaway for island residents and visitors and transform it into a global cultural occasion. One of the goals of the festival was to draw in a plethora of talented individuals, and not just seasoned and well-known artists. In 2024, BEONIX will celebrate its third edition. The event is scheduled to happen in Limassol, Cyprus, from September 20 to 22. With a total of three stages available, the primary stage of the festival will undergo a significant makeover that will enhance the audio and visual interaction, reflecting the event’s commitment to providing a 360-degree festival experience. The headliners of the event are truly amazing:

    • Tale Of Us,
    • ARTBAT,
    • and Fatboy Slim.

    Amsterdam Dance Event (Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 16 — 20)

    When this event comes to Amsterdam in October, things get really wild. Amsterdam Dance Event 2024 will open a new chapter in the festival’s remarkable history by upholding its commitment to offering an immersive musical experience. In addition to its renowned showcases and parties, ADE 2024 is a five-day, five-night event that is also a structured conference with workshops, performances, gear demos, and networking opportunities.

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