Torres and Fruit Bats Announce New EP, Share New Single ‘Married for Love’

    Torres and Fruit Bats have announced a joint EP, A Decoration, which arrives August 9 via their shared label home, Merge. Check out the new single ‘Married for Love’ below.

    In a statement, Fruit Bats’ Eric D. Johnson shared:

    I’ve been a fan of the music of Torres for a long time, so when [Merge co-founder] Mac [McCaughan] suggested it to me, I jumped at the chance. The whole recording process wound up being done totally remotely with each of us on our respective coasts—it was like assembling a cross-continental jigsaw puzzle in the ether.

    Mackenzie and I worked on this in a breezy way where all ideas and sounds were fair game. We each brought a few sketches into the initial ideas pile and treated them in a way like we were doing remixes of each other’s songs. There were no wrong answers. The back and forth continued until the music was in a totally different place from where it began.

    Sometimes when you do collaborative projects, it ends up just sounding like an amalgam of the two artists. This process assured that the final EP kinda sounds like nothing either of us has ever done—it’s a collection of wishful love chants, patiently unfolding fuzzy loops, danceable ambience, and pleas to the universe.

    Commenting on the first single, Torres said: “The recording we’re releasing is synthy, but the demo was darker and had no acoustic instruments on it. I sent it to him and he turned it into what he described as a Quaker chant. He made it softer and added these beautiful harmonies, something you could almost imagine hearing in a church as opposed to the nightclubby vibe I had going.”

    Torres and Fruit Bats both released their latest albums last year: What an Enormous Room and A River Running to Your Heart, respectively.

    A Decoration Cover Artwork:

    A Decoration Tracklist: 

    1. A Decoration
    2. Still Want More
    3. The Fox
    4. Married for Love
    5. In the Old Style
    6. Pink Triangle

    Konstantinos Pappis
    Konstantinos Pappis
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