15 Brilliant Quotes from Peaky Blinders TV Show

    Peaky Blinders is a prominent British TV series that was created by Steven Knight which has remarkably influenced audiences through its irresistible narrative and memorable characters. The show has gained a lot of traction throughout the years and has delivered immense lines that are synonymous with resilience, themes of power, and ambition.

    Here we present you with a collection of 15 brilliant quotes that capture the mission of Peaky Blinders:

    1. “I’m not a monster. I’m just ahead of the curve.”

    The Character is Thomas Shelby who reveals his self-awareness and ruthless pragmatism. It explains his willingness to go the extra length to stay ahead in the game, regardless of the way he does it, whether good or bad.

    2. “I think I’ve proven, I don’t need to explain myself to anyone.”

    Arthur Shelby is the character in this quote. He was known for his assertion of his independence and authority within the Shelby family. It speaks more of his pride, and stubbornness but points out his loyalty to his principles and decisions.

    3. “I’m not a traitor to my class. I am just an extreme example of what a working man can achieve.”

    Thomas Shelby the character challenges the norms and class of society during his time. This quote describes his drive and ambition to promote himself and his family by going against the expectations placed upon him by society.

    4. “The only way to guarantee peace is through fear.”

    Poly Gray is the matriarch of the Shelby family who speaks to the difficult situations of their world. This quote speaks of her pragmatic approach to sustaining control and stability no matter the problem she may face in their criminal enterprises.

    5. “There’s God, and there are the Peaky Blinders.”

    Father Hughes agrees with the formidable reputation and influence of the Shelby family in Birmingham. This quote explains the dichotomy between faith and the harsh reality of the criminal underworld.

    6. “I don’t pay for suits. My suits are on the house or the house burns down.”

    Thomas Shelby has wit and disregard for conventional rules and this attitude of his shines through in this humorous quote. It shows his confidence and hatred toward material possessions and pronounces his nonchalant attitude toward wealth.

    7. “Men and their empires.”

    Ada Shelby is always concerned about the ambitious and always destructive nature of the men around her. The quotes point out her awareness of the power of hard work that defines the lives of men and her defiance against patriarchal expectations.

    8. “Lies travel faster than the truth.”

    The character here is Polly Gray who speaks to the unclear nature of their world. It explains the difficulties faced while trying to understand a landscape where deception and misinformation are the norms as well as emphasising the importance of cunning and strategy. 

    9. “You can change what you do, but you can’t change what you want.”

    Tommy Shelby is a character that reflects on the complexity of desire and ambition. This quote tells us more about the internal conflict and enduring motivation Tommy uses to drive his action, despite his desire to change his path. 

    10. “Everyone’s a whore, Grace. We just sell different parts of ourselves.”

    “Everyone’s a whore from Birmingham, Grace. We just sell different parts of ourselves.”

    Thomas Shelby’s cynical view of human nature reflects compromises made in their environment.

    11. “I don’t pay for trouble. I make it.”

    Alfie Solomon is a prominent figure in the series who emphasises his reputation for causing chaos and unpredictability. This quote reflects his bold and unpredictable nature and also explains his love for conflict and disruption.

     12. “I’m a businessman. I make money, not war”

    Alfie Solomon demonstrates his pragmatic approach to his criminal enterprises. He has a violent reputation and unpredictable attitude but still sees himself as a businessman first and foremost. This quote reflects his ability to check the complexities of the criminal world with a focus on profit and negotiation instead of outright conflict.

    It also highlights Alfie’s strategic belief and willingness to get used to his approaches to achieve financial success and maintain his power in the underworld. 

    13. “The Peaky Blinders. We’re going to London, and we’re taking over.”

    This quote shows how Arthur Shelby expresses his desire and determination to expand the Peaky Blinders’ influence beyond Birmingham. It is synonymous with his boldness and vision for the future of the family and also illustrates his leadership within the organisation. 

    14. “I will kill anyone who gets in the way of my ambition. Including you.”

    This quote demonstrates Thomas Shelby’s ruthless determination and focus when it comes to achieving his goals. It describes his willingness to make challenging decisions and remove barriers even when it means betraying people who are close to him. This quote reveals the darker side of his character and the sacrifices he never makes to gain power and success. 

    15. “It’s not a good idea to look at me like that. I’ll move mountains to get what I want.”

    Alfie Solomon stated these lines to demonstrate his confidence and resourcefulness and his ability to turn the table against others in any situation in his favour. This quote reveals his unpredictable nature and his ability to use both charm and intimidation to achieve his objectives in the criminal underworld.


    These quotes explain the depth of character development in Peaky Blinders and also point out the show’s exploration of themes that include ambition, moral complexities, and power dynamics, faced by its protagonists. Each quote defines a moment of intensity, defiance, and clarity that explains the series in line with its audience.

    Abbie Wilson
    Abbie Wilson
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