Review: Joep Beving “Prehension”

    Joep Beving’s debut album Solipsism was among one of our favourites when it was released in 2015. We have now come to news that Joep has brought us more beauty and honesty to the world. This new album features an astonishing catalogue of 15 compositions that we simply cannot get enough of.

    “Joep keeps delivering the art we want”

    To really review something like Prehension is very difficult. Not because it takes a lot of time to re-listen to the music or analyse the way the music is played but simply because its such a personal piece of work. This kind of work is not made for everyone. It’s an individuals journey that takes us in and carries us within the heart of the narrative. I would have to say the one piece that I got most attached to was The Gift. Something that really drives this piece is the little signs of emotional interest and mystery and let’s not get started about the pauses that drives the dynamic of this piece.

    Overall the album is truly stunning. I loved the first album by Joep. I genuinely thought it was one of the best debut albums I have ever heard. It was packaged so well and so beautifully that it made me really want follow this artist into his journey. Prehension does this and even more. I can feel the growth of Joep in this latest album in the way the pieces contrast each other but also somehow beautifully flow in a wave of honesty and beauty.

    Modestas Mankus
    Modestas Mankus
    Modestas is the Editor-in-Chief at Our Culture Mag. He regularly delves into modern art, fashion, and photography. Modestas is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

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    A stunning album.Review: Joep Beving "Prehension"