4 Tips for wearing a perfectly fitted suit

    “Dressing well is a form of good manners.” – Tom Ford

    It is essential to wear a good fitting suit, too loose or too tight can ruin the look. When it comes to suits you need to pay attention to details such as the fit, size, length and movement. You need something that fits just right. A good fitting suit will make you feel confident, so here are the tips for wearing a perfectly fitted suit.

    1. Length is everything

    Starting from the top, the suit jacket sleeve must end mid cuff of the shirt. Too small the full cuff of the shirt will be on show and too long the cuff won’t show at all. The hem of the suit jacket must end mid palm of your relaxed hand. If proportions are wrong it can look odd.

    When it comes to trousers it can be hard to get a good fit and length the same time, a perfect length would be that the hem of the trouser sits on the shoe nicely with a small break so there is only the most subtle crease there is.

    2. The suit should lie flat on the body.

    When I say the suit should lie flat on the body I mean that it doesn’t wrinkles so much that the suit is too tight or that the suit has heavy wrinkles that it’s too big. The shoulder seam should lay flat on top of your shoulder, it should be similar to the length of your shoulder bone for the suit to fit perfectly around your body.

    Next, is the trousers, another way to judge if it’s too big or too small is the back of the trousers. The fabric should fall smoothly over the bum. If it’s too small the trousers crease and if it’s too big it bags and creates heavy wrinkles.

    “Looking good isn’t self-importance; it’s self-respect.” Charles Hix

    3. The right fitting of the suit jacket

    For a perfectly fitted suit jacket the collar should sit nicely against the shirt collar. If not the collar of the jacket will either have a gap between the shirt collar and the jacket collar or the back of the suit jacket will wrinkle upwards.

    The area underneath of which the shoulder and sleeve seam joins should have a smooth line if the suit jacket is too small it will dip and show off the shoulder padding which is not ideal.

    4. The final look when the button of the front is closed

    Another key thing to look for when finding a perfectly fitted suit is how it looks when the button at the front is closed. So do up one button and check how it looks. If the suit is too small the front will create distinctive creases. A well fitted suit should remain flat against the body.

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