Sound Selection 001

    For our first Sound Selection 001, we have selected a wide range of music that will make your playlists that much bigger in style and quality.

    thanks. ‘Your World’

    With our first selection, we have a smooth and lively indie song by thanks. named Your World. If you like bands like MGMT this will be right up your street. Great vibes mixed with great production never go wrong.

    Sasha & The Bear ‘Out of My Mind’

    If you are a big fan of future electronica this one is great for your playlists. The song features song stunning vocals that go right into you and stay with you. You might be listening to this song for some time since it will hook you on and will not let you go.

    verzache ‘beginning’

    If you are a fan of big low kicks with funky-like samples ‘beginning’ by verzache is great for you. Every element of this song is matched and mixed in such a way so when it comes together we get the ultimate drop. Truly great work that puts verzache on the map of great upcoming musicians.

    us & sparkles ‘Your Window’

    To contrast the selection we have we selected something slower and chilled out. ‘Your Window’ by us & sparkles is a perfect track if you are looking for something to listen to whilst you are focusing on work. This one is for the playlists.

    Bels Lontano ‘Smokkr

    Another great track in the selection is this beautiful masterpiece named ‘Smokkr’ by the wonderful Bels Lontano. It features some stunning sounds that really define this track as a laid back hit. If you listen to chill-out music and want something to spice it up ‘Smokkr’ is the track for you.

    SAINT WKND ‘Make You MineFt. Boy Matthews (Flapo Remix)

    This remix by the fantastic Flapo is once again showcasing his true ability to take an original and transforming into something else. If you like something more commercial but still quite original this remix of ‘Make You Mine’ by Flapo is perfect for you.

    La Poré ‘Close’

    If want some great indie pop music to listen to La Pore’s ‘Close’ is the perfect song for you. It has great vibes and a dynamic production that will make you listen to it for hours and hours. This is truly a song that makes La Poré the name to watch.

    Postiljonen ‘Crazy’

    If you are looking for something different but still something that drives that same great summer-like nostalgic vibe, this new single ‘Crazy’ by Postiljonen is the song for you. It features smooth female vocals with a nice atmospheric-pop production, that will for sure make you listen to in more and more.

    Moglii ‘Varykino’

    Now, back to some future electronic hits, with his latest rack ‘Varykino’ once again the wonderful Moglii shares a vibrant production that will make you escape the everyday doom and gloom.

    Bad Math ‘Night Textures’

    Furthermore, if you are looking for something electronic but more experimental and raw this latest track ‘Night Textures’ by the exciting and refreshing Bad Math will be the right track for you. It features a selection of innovative elements that will get you on your feet when you hear them.

    Modestas Mankus
    Modestas Mankus
    Modestas is the Editor-in-Chief at Our Culture Mag. He regularly delves into modern art, fashion, and photography. Modestas is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

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