Key themes for Menswear S/S 18

Every season there are always interesting key themes to which designers take into account. Different places have different themes. The following are for themes in the UK.

Future Sport

We see the obvious sportswear in the designs, but rather than serving it’s purpose for sportswear it has taken a to a more avant-garde look. It almost differs from what you think sports wear fabrics should be because you see all sorts of fabrics.

Office Core

This is taking tailored looks to a whole different level. When we seen suits we instantly think of smart, well dressed and even clean looking. Whilst others can get intimidated by it. This is almost a more casual take on suits. There isn’t one bit of rule that you can abide by because it’s so casual.

New wave 

This theme is close enough to office core but not quite. It’s a more avant-garde look. It almost brings back the look from the 1940s and 1980s. The whole look is quite boxy, with oversized everything almost.

Manipulated Sizes

Speaking of oversized this is a very interesting theme. It creates very playful looks. It plays around with sizes on the same garment. So an example of this is in Boris Bidjan Saberi’s collection the image below shows the front of the jacket to be smaller than the back.



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