DJ Mag Top 100 voting is underway but criticism is still in the shadows

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Arguably the biggest DJ magazine in the world DJ MAG has run an annual Top 100 DJ list since 1993.

Since every year it has run the top 100 list has grown with many few faces coming in and out, over the years has gained quite a status in the world of electronic dance music. However, over the years any DJ’s and music producers have noticed some problems with the list as it grew in popularity.

Firstly, one of the lesser talked issues is that female DJ’s seem to be hugely under-represented on the list. Some years only one or two faces show up out of a hundred, which is quite a tiny percent knowing there are lots of great female DJ’s that are shaping the dance music world such as Annie Mac, Nina Kraviz, B.Traits and many more.

The other issue that seems to of caught more attention is the unfair voting system. Many DJ’s and producers have voiced their opinions saying that the voting system simply does not work, as it comes down to the popularity rather than the quality of the DJ. Adding to this problem is that many of the DJ’s are more respected as producers rather than DJ’s. The list seems to of shifted from actual DJ’s to music producers, which makes the world of dance music wonder if the name of the list should be changed to Top 100 music producers & DJ’s.

But really the main big popular faces of the electronic dance music world still seem to take this list seriously. Running full social media campaigns throughout the contest, trying to reach the top. So, as it seems, DJ Mag is not looking to change their system in a major way anytime soon, which is a shame to some as they feel it has bigger potential.