Narcos to return with a bang in Season 3

Narcos © Netflix
Narcos © Netflix

Narcos is coming back and this time with another bang as the third season trailer reveals.

The loved Netflix series Narcos is coming back. With many people unsure how it will proceed as one of its main characters from first two seasons is out, it looks like we have the answer from the latest trailer. Narcos will continue to focus on the drug world in Colombia but this time with the Cali family, who seem to mean business.

A character that will be making a return as hinted in the last episode of Season 2 is the beloved Javier Peña (Pedro Pascal) who was a vital character in the first two seasons that helped bring down the drug lord leader Pablo Escobar. From what we see in the trailer it seems like his work might be even tougher than with Pablo.

Here you can watch the latest trailer that reveals some things about Season 3.