Timeless Outfits Of Summer For Men

    Photo by: Changyu Hu

    When you are out and about you will often see guys wearing one of these outfits. It’s a timeless look that you will often see during the summer. So if you haven’t already try out one of these outfits and see which suits your taste.

    Smart Casual

    This may seem like a smart outfit but it’s less formal. This outfit would be great with a dark brown belt. There is a variety of looks you can create with this whether you change colour or pattern of the shirt or trousers.  If you wanted to you can change the shoes from loafers, italian shoes for men to brogues. If the weather is rather chilly you might want to wear a jumper or cardigan with this look.


    This outfit is great to use for the hotter days or if you’re going to the beach. To top of this outfit you may add on a Fedora hat to look more stylish but to also help protect your head from burning. If you would like to wear this outfit to the beach then an alternative would be espadrilles and bring along a jumper or cardigan for when it gets colder.


    For more formal occasions like going on a date or social events this is a great outfit to wear. You can mix and match patterns and colours but make sure they aren’t clashing with each other. To make more of a statement add some accessories like a watch or a pocket square and even some sunglasses. If you’re going to travel then why don’t you bring along a leather holdall bag.

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