Netflix shares a trailer for a new documentary ‘One of Us’

'One of Us' - Netflix

A Netflix original documentary ‘One of Us’ has been given a dramatic trailer.

With Netflix pushing the boundaries in the streaming world with no surprise, we are receiving more and more unique documentaries. This time we are presented with ‘One of Us’, a documentary that explores the misty world of Hasidic Judaism through a cadre of fascinating characters.

The documentary was made over three years by two observational documentary filmmakers Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady who take a deep look into the lives of three brave individuals that made the decision to leave the ultra-orthodox community at the expense of relationships, families and their personal safety.

The documentary is part of the Official Selection for Toronto International Film Festival.

‘One of Us’ will be available to stream only on Netflix from the 20th of October.

Here is the trailer for the new and original documentary ‘One of Us