‘It’ sustains number one spot at the Box Office Weekend with a sweeping $60 million

Many have hyped the horror film ‘It’ but not many expected for it to reach the heights it has.

With tonnes of content circulating the internet about the film, it is clear that the film has caught on. Now at its second box office weekend ‘It’ has made $60 million, whilst altogether it edges to $400 million worldwide ($371 million made as of this moment).

To say it was an underdog would be fair, a film with a budget of $35 million and a theme of clowns would spark many to doubt the potential a film like ‘It’ could have. However, against some odds, the film succeeded, unsurprisingly to those that have followed the social media hype it has been getting as of recent and the fans of Stephen King, of course.

In second place at the Box Office weekend came American Assasin with $14.8 million, whilst heavily praised ‘mother!’ made a modest $7.5 million.

A pretty decent Box Office weekend for the month of September.