Sound Selection 012

    The diversity of genres is key in Sound Selection and this time we do not disappoint.

    Tom Speight ‘My Side’

    Latest single ‘My Side’ by the wonderful Tom Speight is truly wonderful. Driven by a terrific groove and upbeat vocals this song is perfect for any playlist that needs to lighten up. With this great single, Tom Speight puts himself on the map as a musician to look out for in the future.

    Sasha ‘Headlights’

    Another stunning song to enter our Sound Selection is ‘Headlights’ by the sweet Sasha who showcases her calm, charming and simply magical vocals. This song will take you on a journey and a half with its spellbinding vibe. One for the playlists for sure.

    Jan Amit ‘Lumen_Nation’

    Now, for something different. ‘Lumen_Nation’ is a raw and progressive track full of vibrant elements that will expand your song listening barriers beyond your wildest expectations. A great track for any playlist that drives on unique and raw electronic music.

    Molinaro ‘GIO’

    Continuing with our electronic vibe we have ‘GIO’ by Techno music producer Molinaro, who combines raw synth elements with pure dusty percussions to create a groove perfect for the dancefloor. A nightlife hit for sure.

    Pair of Arrows ‘Step Again’

    Furthermore, we have ‘Step Again’ by the truly soul-touching Pair of Arrows, who bring us a song with pure heart and combine it with Nero-like elements to give us a magical experience beyond your wildest dreams. This one is for those that love magical music.

    Road Kahan ‘Blue Velvet’

    Another stunning song to sweep right into your selection is ‘Blue Velvet’ by Road Kahan, who combines Deep House elements with Indie Electro to make a song full of hope and honesty. Simply a great song.

    Ellis Hudson ‘You Can’t Run’

    Yet another song for the playlists is ‘You Can’t Run’ by Ellis Hudson, who showcases his truly terrific and dynamic vocals that will keep you spinning in dreams for weeks to come. A great song for any playlist.

    SuperParka ‘GIRL’

    We love to brag about Indie Pop on Our Culture Mag and this time we have ‘GIRL’ by SuperParka to brag about. This single is a gift to fans of Indie Pop and for those that love mixing pop with a raw and highly colourful groove. A true gift to our ears.

    FJØRA ‘Magic’

    Finally, to conclude our selection with more magic we have ‘Magic’ by FJØRA, who takes us into the world of commercial music with her neat and simply well-produced song ‘Magic’. This one is a must for any Pop playlist.

    Modestas Mankus
    Modestas Mankus
    Modestas is the Editor-in-Chief at Our Culture Mag. He regularly delves into modern art, fashion, and photography. Modestas is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

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