3 Effortless Looks Created With Layering (Womenswear)

    It’s September now, yet the weather is still in the middle of transitioning from Summer to Winter. It makes it harder to choose if you want to layer up or not. This should help you whether you are looking for something to wear in the cold or the slightly warmer weather.

    This a classic way of layering up, it doesn’t have to specifically be a dress but as long as you have a high neck top it works. To style this you should wear the dress first, then wear the shirt on top, but keep it open. If you are wearing a high neck top you can tuck in the shirt but leave open or half done up. Lastly, you put on the infinity scarf. This is a very quick and easy look to create. For more information on the Ralph Lauren shirt click here.

    If you want something that looks like a smart casual then this is a great look for you try. The best type of shirt you should use is something oversized or where the bottom of the shirt hangs out of the jumper. To style this you should put the shirt on. Make sure you don’t button it up all the way up because you still want a relaxed look. Put the jumper on top and where the shirt hangs out you can unbutton it so it looks relaxed.

    For the extra cold days the over coat is the great thing to wear, this is because of how it is designed, you can layer clothing without it feeling tight. To style this you would wear the jumper first. Then you put on the thinner coat and then the overcoat. It may feel weird wearing two coats but you can easily get used to it as it will definitely feel very warm. You can easily pair this with a hat, scarf and gloves if you don’t feel warm enough.

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