Sound Selection 014

    Sound Selection is back and once again we have more great music for your playlists.

    Mahalia ‘Hold On’ Feat. Buddy

    To begin our 14th Sound Selection, we have Mahalia’s ‘Hold On’ featuring Buddy. This is a classic Mahalia song, featuring vibrant vocals and groovy-pop production. A song for teenage romantics for sure, once again solid work by Mahalia.

    Aurka ‘Lotus’

    The second song to feature is ‘Lotus’ by the wonderful Aurka, who combines traditional elements with pure electronic production. If you like the sounds of Bonobo, Gold Panda and Tycho this one will be for you. With this song, Aurka becomes the next promising name in the world of electronic music, truly vibrant work.

    Goldsmoke ‘Like This’

    Now for something a little different we have ‘Like This’ by Goldsmoke who combines a dynamic electronic beat with a commercial vocal to give us the perfect song for the weekend. Terrific work, by a very talented artist.

    Pale Grey ‘Seasons’

    As usual, we have selected some band music for our selection and this time to bring us more chill vibes are Pale Grey who present us with their fantastically well-written song ‘Seasons’. This song is a must for any playlist, and especially for those that love a bit of chill Indie Pop.

    Francesca Blanchard ‘Free’

    Authentic vocals are rare to find, but not with Francesca Blanchard who dives in with her vocal talent in her latest single ‘Free’. Blanchard showcases her maturity as an artist, as she manages to compose her vocals throughout the structure of the song perfectly. Magnificent work.

    What So Not ‘Better’ feat. LPX

    Another great song to enter our selection is ‘Better’ by What So Not featuring LPX, who explore the sounds of future electronica and commercially styled vocals. This has song great vocals and a production that will make you wonder why you did not hear of these artists ever before.

    Harvie Ashby ‘Dagger Tooth’

    Now for something very raw we have ‘Dagger Tooth by Harvie Ashby who combines the classic rock elements to make a blood-pumping song full of raw energy waiting to escape. To drive this powerful song, we hear Harvie’s strong and solid vocals that go hand in hand with the structure and vibe of the song.

    Tim Freitag ‘Bruises’

    Furthermore, we have ‘Bruises’ by the splendid Tim Freitag who showcases his very solid and authentic vocals by singing about his emotional past experiences. Fantastic work by a very promising artist. Truly deserving recognition

    Auður ‘I’d Love’

    Our final song to enter this Sound Selection is the mysterious-like chillwave-pop song ‘I’d Love’ by the terrifically talented Auður, who manages to combine shifted guitar elements, romantically-mellow vocals, and a dynamic production all in one. This single also is presented visually with a gravity-shifting music video, which we feel just defines the level of his songwriting.

    Modestas Mankus
    Modestas Mankus
    Modestas is the Editor-in-Chief at Our Culture Mag. He regularly delves into modern art, fashion, and photography. Modestas is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

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