50’s and Edgar Wright inspired short film is Crowdfunding and is looking for Backers

Still from Man-tis! game developed by the team at Man-tis!

Man-tis! A short Sci-fi Comedy short is looking for backers.

Man-tis! is a short science-fiction comedy. Drawing influence from such classic creature features as The Fly (1958) and mixing it with the comedy of Edgar Wright’s Spaced (1999 – 2001) series, Man-tis! tells the story of a young man who wakes up to find his head transformed into that of a giant praying mantis – on the day of a major job interview, no less.

The film follows a nervous wreck, Tim Blaisdell, is about to have the interview of his life with the top architectural firm in London. The morning of, however, Tim finds his head and hands transformed into those of a giant praying mantis. Tim’s roommate, Alex, a witty, sarcastic, lovable scamp, doesn’t quite see the problem, but does see how panicked Tim is. Reluctantly, Tim agrees to let Alex take him to his interview. A praying mantis head isn’t ideal, but maybe Tim’s interview will have a better outcome than he’s expecting.

When talking to Our Culture Mag, the director of the film Christopher Stewardson said a few things about the influences that made the idea come together “Kurt Neumann’s 1958 version of The Fly and Joe Dante’s Matinee are really the primary influences of Man-tis! I love how affectionate Matinee is toward 1950s science fiction and horror pictures – it really relishes with how fantastic those films were. With Man-tis! I really want to emulate that sense of affection for the plethora of monster movies from the 50s that I loved as a child – and still do!

You can join the film by becoming a backer here! and follow their website & social media for further updates on this exciting project.