Best of DAFilms 2017

Depth Two

Our friends at DocAlliance have announced their best films of 2017.

With the year wrapping up it is now the perfect time for evaluation and retrospection. Our great friends at DAFilms provide their viewers with over 1600 documentaries and have selected their best films of 2017, based on viewership, festival selections and DocAlliance’s own team opinions on which films should make the cut.

Best films of 2017 from DocAlliance

David Redmon, Ashley Sabin: ‘Do Donkeys Act?’
Ognjen Glavonić: ‘Depth Two’
Sherng-Lee Huang, Livia Ungur: ‘Hotel Dallas’
Salome Jashi: ‘The Dazzling Light of Sunset’
Anna Roussillon: ‘I Am the People’
Pavel Cuzuioc: ‘Secondo Me’
Chris Marker: ‘Letter from Siberia’
Gianfranco Rosi: ‘El Sicario – Room 164’
Agnés Varda: Women Reply: ‘Our Bodies, Our Sex’
Deborah Stratman: ‘Illinois Parables’
Zosya Rodkevich: ‘My Friend Boris Nemtsov’
Marek Olexa, Francesca Scalisi: ‘Half-Life in Fukushima’
Ryuji Otsuka: ‘Beijing Ants’
Zoe Beloff: ‘A Model Family in a Model Home’
Bill Morrison: ‘The Great Flood’
Petr Václav: ‘The Way Out’
Věra Chytilová: ‘Looking for Ester’
Jane Gillooly: ‘Suitcase of Love and Shame’
Victor Kossakovsky: ‘The Belovs’

You can watch the full list of films here.