2018 is here and Sound Selection is back with more great music to showcase. A tremendous way to start the year.

Zaitex ‘Light It Up’

The first song to enter our Sound Selection is by the terrific Zaitex who presents his song ‘Light it Up’. With a dynamic beat, low pitch vocals and a flurry of vibrant sounds that take you onto another wave this song marks itself as a great addition to any must-listen playlist.

All The People ‘Islands’

Refreshing, smooth and simply delicious would be a couple of ways to describe ‘Islands’ by All The People. ‘Islands’ is a fantastic song that works well with its calm and composed vocals and production. This song is a perfect jam those that love a bit of Electro Pop in their playlists, or for those that just need a song to dance to in their life.

Nikita ‘We Are A Wave’

Now with a more soul and funk driven vibe, we have ‘We Are A Wave’ by the exciting Nikita. This song is a must listen for those that love something with a vibrant and full of colour vibe. Nikita truly bring out their exuberance in their latest work.

Modesta ‘VHS’

Bringing us a throwback-feel single is Modestas, who funnily share the same name as me. Their single ‘VHS’ is a wave of chillwave and memories, a true voyage into the style of Modesta. A true gift for those going into 2018 with a chilled mindset and a definite addition to your playlists.

A Cosmic Gift ‘Another Galaxy’ feat. Throwback Zach

The final song to enter this Sound Selection is ‘Another Galaxy’ by the tremendous A Cosmic Gift. In their latest single they present us with a funky electronic vibe that genuinely takes you into another galaxy with its tremendous groove and vividness. A fun way to start 2018 for sure.

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