Sound Selection 022

We are back once again to share more great music with you on our latest Sound Selection.

1955 ‘Glory Days’

The first song to enter our Sound Selection is ‘Glory Days’ by the exciting 1955. This upbeat single will get you on your feet and dancing, a truly marvellous song that sticks with you with its fun feel and vibe.

Diessa ‘Darling’

Another great song to enter our selection is ‘Darling’ by the terrific Diessa who combines elements of downtempo, mysterious vocals and pure electronic drive. Magnificent work by a truly promising artist.

Patawawa ‘Patagonia’

Now with a more of a groovy vibe, we have Patawawa with ‘Patagonia’. This song is a perfect dance floor hit as elevates the elements of Nu Disco with a confident and calm sensation. One for the playlists for sure.

Foresteater ‘Avalanche’

Foresteater is back and this time with another well-produced song ‘Avalanche’. Once again they blow us away with their authentic energy and waves of emotion. ‘Avalanche’ is a song that will take you on a journey and a half. Splendid work.

Soleima ‘Low Life’

There are few times you can honestly say you found something exciting and with Soleima this is one of those times. In her latest single ‘Low Life’ Soleima brings us an upsurge of energy, calmness and groove. With her talent to compose herself and to bring out great liveliness, we can expect to hear more from this exhilarating artist.

Josiah and the Bonnevilles ‘Back To Tennessee’

Our final song is by Josia and the Bonnevilles who have previously entered on our Sound Selection 008. This time they are back and with another new and exciting single ‘Back To Tennessee’. Their latest song once again proves us right, that they are the band to follow in the world of music as they bring us the same quality of energy, emotion and journey each time they perform.


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