Review: Sample Magic ‘Chillmatic’

Sample Magic’s Chillmatic is the new holy-grail of hip-hop sample packs.

Samples have been around for a while now, and while the market is expanding rapidly, the wondrous provider of samples and plugins Sample Magic is looking to take the lead with their high-quality and eclectic products. It must be noted that Sample Magic tend to tick all the boxes for wide-ranging music producers, and certainly, Chillmatic is a pack part of that.

This full of selection sample pack includes some great dynamic hip-hop drum loops but also fantastic melodies that will rightly get any music producer excited to use them. It even includes basic FL Studio project files for those that want to dive straight in with an already made project. While, there is also Serum, and MIDI presets for those want more customisation.

Overall, Chillmatic is a superb sample pack; it’s great for music producers that are looking for great samples and also for those that just need some inspiration to get started. A must for any music producer looking to expand their library.