With summer underway, we have compiled a list of great shorts for summer.

For many men, shorts are not something they plan to buy. However, everyone loves to wear them on a hot summer’s day. This list should help you decide on the style you should go for your summer look.

Burton Menswear London Men’s Grey Chino Shorts

Burton’s grey chino shorts are a must for anyone looking for a casual mix classy look that can crossover with numerous other pieces in your wardrobe. Our recommendation would be wearing these shorts with a classic white t-shirt and a navy suede western jacket. With the price tag of £16, these shorts should end up in everyone’s basket.

Available on Amazon – £16

Tom Tailor Men’s Cotton Linen Shorts

German clothing brand Tom Tailor’s cotton-linen shorts are another great addition to anyone’s summer wardrobe. These shorts come in two different colours ivory and grey, both seeming to present a classic look that will go a long way in the summer. If you are going for a solid look, try matching these shorts with a navy blue henley t-shirt.

Available on Amazon – £44

Tommy Jeans Men’s Short

Another great addition to this list is Tommy Jeans shorts which come in four colours including red, blue, white and grey. These shorts are cut a tad shorter than some of the others on the list, hence are perfect for the beach on a mighty summer’s day.

Available on Amazon – £34-68

Lacoste Men’s Shorts

Another fantastic selection to this list is Lacoste’s shorts which are in a wide-legged style. These shorts look fantastic with a textured polo shirt and come with colour variations including beige, blue, navy, rose and black.

Available on Amazon – £80

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s John Light Twill Shorts

Hilfiger’s shorts seem to become a favourite on this list, and once again they tick all the boxes with their John Light twill shorts which match well with solid t-shirt colours and define the classic chill-look. These shorts come in seven different colours including blue, brown, green (four-leaf clover), green (grape leaf), grey, grey (dark gull) and white.

Available on Amazon – £80

FIND Mens Straight Leg Cotton Shorts

Another terrific addition to this list is FIND’s straight leg cotton shorts which come in three variations black, blue and beige. With a likeable casual appearance to them and a great price tag, these are a must for any summer wardrobe.

Available on Amazon – £17

Tom Tailor Denim Men’s Slim Chino Stretch Shorts

The final addition to our list is Tom Tailor’s denim chino shorts which come in three different variations blue, green and grey. These shorts are slim fit, thus are great for a leaner body type and go well with a polo shirt. With a reasonable price tag, these shorts are definitely to be considered.

Available on Amazon – £30-35

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