Davison Carvalho

Davison Carvalho, an art director, graphic designer, and illustrator who is currently residing in the US, has released a series of illustrations named The Search. It’s a beautiful series that reminds us a little of Blade Runner and cinematic-like illustrations with it’s mysterious theme.

Talking about the series Davison Carvalho said: “Made this ages ago and forgot about it. I just wanted to take a quick break from experimenting with Ui and practice some techniques for concept art, by mixing painting, matte-painting, 3D blockage, Kit Bashing, and photo manipulation. It was fun to try, I made a theme, of search parties looking for a person of interest, starting at at a snowy research facility, passing through a industrial zone and going all the way to a restricted and abandoned part of the city.

I tried to use connecting visual elements on all 3 concepts, like those spheres, weather, some color treatments and architecture. But still having enough variation that they look different.”

You can find more work by Davison Carvalho on his Behance and Website.