Christian Kneise, a Germany-based photographer, released a series of photos taken back in 2008 named Postcards from Syria.

Writing about the series Kneise stated: “In 2008 I had the chance to visit Syria. At this time I didn’t know that this trip will be one of the most remarkable journeys for me (so far). What I saw during my visit was a land with extremely hospitable people, a great culture and a rich history. Though, I witnessed a state keeping its people (including us) under permanent surveillance. Eleven years later the country is deeply divided, the infrastructure and many areas are in ruins, the economy and the historic heritage is bombed to the ground. Hundreds of thousands people lost their lifes, millions had to leave the country – a devastating human tragedy. Some landmarks and urban areas shown here are vanished forever. I keep them here as postcards from Syria.”

You can find more work by Christian Kneise here.