Thomas Azier Strangling Song

Entering with brilliant energy and catchy lyrics is the vastly-gifted artist Thomas Azier with his song Strangling Song. In his latest piece, Azier delivers a tuneful track with equally vibrant and ear-pleasing vocals that will have you addicted from the get-go. This one is for the playlists.

The Ninth Wave This Broken Design

Coming in with a foot-tapping song from a freshly baked album Infancy Part 1 are The Ninth Wave with This Broken Design. Much like the rest of the album, The Ninth Wave deliver a song full of gleaming production and raw vocals that bring out the authentic sound of the band.

Rui Cradle feat. Marijn

The final song to enter the 60th Sound Selection is by Rui named Cradle. Waving in with a smooth production and mellifluous vocals by Marijn, the exciting Rui delivers a journey of a song that will stay with you for some weeks to come.

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