Irina Kruglova, a Russian-based artist, released a magnificent series that explores emotion through shape and colour named Emotionalia.

Writing about the series Kruglova stated: “Emotions surround us. We have them, and this means we’re alive.¬†Emotions are different. Love, hate, anger, grief, nostalgia, stress, surprise or orgasm. I have loads of them in my life and while doing this art project I tried to describe what every emotion feels like. Headache and stomach pains are different. So are the emotions. There is no formula for love as well as for every other emotion. To me, these are just microparticles and molecules running somewhere around our stomach and you hardly can describe this with words. But you can try to do it with the power of art.”

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

You can find more work by Irina Kruglova here.

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