Jason Anderson, a UK-based artist, has created a splendid variety of oil and acrylic paintings throughout his career. Throughout his work, Anderson utilises shape, perspective, and range of superb colours to bring his work into another dimension.

As an artist, Anderson began his career stained glass restoration projects York Minster, Gloucester and Wells cathedrals.

Writing about this work Anderson stated: “I am fascinated by colour and work with a strong palette to create deep impasto effects with the paint. I relish the often frantic nature of mixing and arranging the paint in thick impressionistic daubs, and submitting to a process that creates its own detail and form.

This forces me to be bold and decisive; it also produces a kaleidoscope of shape and tone (reminiscent of stained-glass) which portrays the ever-present movement and energy found in nature.”
You can find more work by Jason Anderson here.