Salam by Claire Fowler

Nominated for the 2018 BFI London Film Festival Short Film Award, and among the official selection at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival, Salam is a heartwarming piece about a female taxi driver navigating the night shift in New York City. While she works, she waits for news of her family back home in war-torn Syria.

Claire Fowler, the director of Salam, made this film as a counter to the current American administration’s aggressive zero-tolerance stance on immigration in the United States. Fowler presents a complex lead; a woman, a Muslim, a Palestinian-Syrian, a New Yorker, a sister, an aunt, a wife, a taxi-driver, and not least, a person with fears, loves, ambitions, and empathy. And on this particular night, she is desperate to hear news from Syria…

Featuring: Hana Chamoun, Leslie Bibb, Jessica Damouni, Khaled Al Maleh
Writer and Director: Claire Fowler
Producers: Sophia Cannata-Bowman & Claire Fowler
Executive Producer: Dave Beazley
Cinematographer: Nicholas Bupp
Editor: Alec Styborski
Sound Design: Peter Warnock
Production Design: Kelsey Alvarez
Costume Design: Missy Mickens
Graphics: Camella Kirk
Stills: Monet Eliastam & Lars Elling Lund
Music: Kareem Roustom, DAM, Method Man

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