Beach For Tiger Blind Side

Establishing our Sound Selection with a cosy production is Beach for Tiger with Blind Side. In this latest piece, Beach for Tiger utilise elements of psychedelic music with chill-like vocals carrying you to a wave of thought. Blind Side is a well-produced song that deserves attention.

Urchin Without No Fear

Bringing a catchy melody, benign vocals and euphonious production is Urchin, a music producer out of South West London. Without No Fear is an instant hit that has a brilliant structure and on a dancefloor-ready melody — one for fans of electronic music. This one is for the playlists.

BisonBison Expanding

Coming in with their fresh single Expanding is BisonBison. In their first appearance, BisonBison deliver a warm, ear-gratifying production that showcases flowing vocals with a superb quality tone. If you’re looking for something refreshing, this one will be for you.