Sound Selection 085: The Four Owls Present ‘Honour Codes’

    DAGNY Come Over

    The beloved Norwegian singer Dagny has given us another gem named Come Over. In her latest single, Dagny makes us fall in love with her beautiful voice that matches the brilliant Pop production, making Come Over a favourite for fans of contemporary Pop music. With Dagny’s rising success in Norway and Sweden, she is destined to emerge into the rest of Europe very soon.

    The Four Owls Honour Codes

    Formed in 2011, The Four Owls have become an iconic group in British hip-hop after their release Natural Order in 2015. Now presenting their latest song Honour Codes, The Four Owls enter with thought-provoking lyrics and as always a top-notch production.

    Little Thief Doctor

    When it comes to raw energy, Little Thief is the perfect example of it. Doctor is a majestic single that features exquisite vocals, and a genuinely ear-catching production that will keep you listening for days to come. Little Thief are ones to watch.

    Herr Lang Zeit für Sommer

    Herr Land, a produced out of Hamburg, Germany, presented his latest melodic techno track Zeit für Sommer. The track features a slow progression which rises like a wave with a melancholic melody, adding consistent tension and reflection to the mix. If you’re looking for something fresh to your mix, this one will be for you.

    Modestas Mankus
    Modestas Mankus
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